Shooting of reporters seems phony deserves intense scrutiny

If in the early morning a paid for phony sponsored media story said the US market was down for the count and it got enough views it could really sink the market. Its come to that. There were headlines on Monday that said Chinese rate changes save stocks, oil value and markets and then the market still collapsed. And notice the implication that the US economy is dependent on China. The mighty have fallen again.

It certainly looks like they needed a cheap distraction. This story has a black man shooting a white woman to further villainize blacks. What a shock, the black man supposedly responsible is dead so he can’t answer questions. Its also apparently placed to create sympathy for the people paid to lie for sponsored media when Trump has been bashing them with great effect. We have Jeb Bush in a suspiciously timed release saying reporters should be treated better in response to Trump.

This feels like it was put together by the people who do the false flag stuff. Out there on the web is the idea that hollow points were used. If that were the case the footage the attacker supposedly released would likely be a bit more gory. There is also the claim that the ‘actual’ live TV feed went out to the public. Isn’t video now on a delay loop? Its looks like pure wag the dog nonsense. Maybe the personnel received a your country needs you visit and national security gag letter and witness protection.

My hope is Trump continues to attack fake journalists and sponsored media.

It really makes one think does one event set of a chain of event like the butterfly effect or is just one big theater of reality tv news cycles.

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Now the finale episode of Mr Robot has been postponed because of supposed similarity to the Virginia shooting. Maybe the shows producers are trying to get publicity or add cult status. On the other hand the Virginia shooting is biggest bunch of bs since 911. I adiduiously avoid TV but that one show reminded me of SAFE.