Shocking: Systematic & organized live human organ harvesting perpetrated by Chinese Communist Party

In the spirit of humanity as we gather here in this community full of people who wish to have freedom and security, privacy. This is the reality, welcome to the real world.

A world where such evil against humanity can happen RIGHT NOW is both shocking and unbelievable, yet back in WWII, NO ONE thought the holocaust was real and did not believe until years later.

This is a trailer of a documentary that just recently won The Peabody Gold Award.

I am asking you all to take 2 min of your time to watch this, and if you would like to watch the WHOLE thing, go to the website and rent it.

I hope this gives everyone a real sense of why we need this network for the entire globe.

This is SAFE, secure access for all.



I’ve just been reading up on all this - truly horrifying. It’s basically a progression of the ongoing oppression and imprisonment of the quasi-religious Falun Gong members.
Many are on death row and it appears to me that the sentences are carried out as and when organs are required.
The persecution of the group appears to have started out of fear of a perceived threat to the ruling party, the leaders view it as a necessity to “crack down” in order to not “lose face” Internationally.- losing face appears to be a very big deal indeed in Chinese culture, as I’m sure you know. (I can attest to this from my own experience of Triad gangs in the Casino Industry…something you definitely have to be wary of causing inadvertently…)
Absolutely horrendous Human Rights abuses…


The Falun Gong practitioners are just living their life according the the principle of Truthfulness Compassion & Forbearance. Such people only not caused society any harm. Rather actually saved a lot of resources for the countries whereas the practitioners who have such healthy bodies. I can attest to this because I my self practice FLG, since 1998 I had never seen a doctor or hospital or had medication.

Now the jealousy was arose from Jiang Zemin the party leader of the time, who gained prominence due to his efforts in crushing the students in the 1989 6/4 massacre. Because the communist party came to power in 1949. After 50+ years they had a membership of 80+ million(official members, not including many other associations of the party, nor including student and schools). Whereas FLG was free for all to practice, all books and writings of the founder was open sourced on the Internet for all free of charge. It gained 100m followers in a short few years since released in China 1994.

All politburo members and their family members were practicing FLG, including Jiangs wife. Plus many high ranking officers in the military and government across the nation. So it became this persons jealousy and fear of losing his power and influence. He deemed war on eradicating FLG boasting it will be finished in a mere three months. At the height of the persecution, spending an astonishing 1/4 of the Chinese GDP.

It’s now 2015, 16 years later. Through the relent less efforts of practitioners. More people are aware of the atrocities in China. With over 200 million people publicly announcing quitting the CCP and associations. However due to the strict Internet and media control.
Many are still unable to see the truth and locked within the mind prison. That is the most scary aspect. The ignorance of a massive group to things happening within their face.

I think the SAFE network will help in bringing freedom to those people in need around the globe soon…

For more information about FLG, an ancient spiritual meditation practice.

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