Shillery thinks we will shill for her

In no particular order

She is a conservative pretending to be a liberal.
Neitherside can trust that, its so transparent.

She promises to actually deliver even less than the zero she says we deserve-this is her simulating honesty.

“She is a policy wonk,” per her intern “she has shown she can be a good neocon” Kissinger heaped praise on her and her him.

She sucks at foreign policy, but for decades US foreign policy has just been a distraction designed to keep the US from doing anything about its domestic implosion. Pulling the US out of the rest of the world is long overdue. She herself is such a distraction.

She tries to say that being bought and paid for is not a problem and we just have to accept bribery as a way of life starting with her. We have to overlook her conflicts of interest because we don’t have better options. She wouldn’t even take the half step of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, which was a check on puppet media.

She lies and she’s in it for the power and presteige.

Remember her on Assange? Remember her recentently trying to bribe silicon valley on a new SI Prism project?

We are supposed to stomach the royalty dynasty game.

Who is Shillery???

Would love some background to your political posts. Even one sentence would help.

Not being from the Northern Hemisphere, let alone the USA means that often I just don’t know who you are talking about.

Of yes, of course. Its Hillery Clinton.

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