Shifting to Linux

Right, so don’t let him.

OK so I kind of want to a little bit. I’m sick of having an i5 laptop since 2014.

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i5 should be plenty for normal use. Stick a lightweight Linux distro on it, and it’ll be as good as new. Just don’t spill coffee on the laptop! Not even Linux can save it from that.


Maybe if I also had a GPU. But I just got a 4K/60Hz monitor, and Intel’s like “aight we’re going to have to limit this to 30Hz” re: i5. Windows 10 is crazy with the spiffy graphics; 7 was no problem. Maybe the Linux distro would help that, but I haven’t tried Ubuntu since 2009.

Lots has changed in 12 years. You could try e.g. Mint ( with the lightweight Xfce desktop environment, although I like the heavier Cinnamon myself. You’ll be surprised. Windows is crazy when it comes to a lot of things. It’s more of an advertising platform and money making scheme than an operating system.

We’re getting off topic here, but you can start a new Linux Help topic if you like. I’m sure many here would love to help if you have any questions.


It really is. I don’t want an advert for Minecraft and candy crush every time I use the machine, even the pro version.

For my next install I will be following the YouTube debloating image creation tutorials.

If I’m paying for a licence I don’t want to also be a product.


Ubuntu is great, I use it. Its much better than it wa in 2009.

I mostly use it as a remote server on digital ocean.

Since the availability of visual studio code on raspian I’m starting to us my pi4 more often… and you can connect it to two screens!!!


Another vote for Mint - very easy to use coming from Windows, stable, and not too heavy on resources. I still have to use Windows for work but otherwise I’d shift completely.

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I run Kubuntu on a old i5.
Runs perfectly.
I also have regular Ubuntu and Mint on others.
But Kubuntu is my favorite.


I haven’t tried KDE in some time, but I never really liked or got used to it when I did. It felt, I don’t know, fiddly and pretentious. It’s also pretty heavy on the resources, isn’t it? Maybe it’s more for people coming from the Mac world. I never used a Mac in my life. I have used Windows, but not this millennium.

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I am XFCE guy. Don’t like KDE either, but in it’s defense it’s just as lightweight as XFCE these days.


Me too. It just works. Reliably. Well supported these days too.

Never had a Mac so cant compare there.

I have used a mac on and off for the last few years and it feels more like Ubuntu/Gnome Shell to me. I actually prefer Ubuntu/Gnome to the Mac. I find the shell more integrated, as the package manager is integrated right from the guts. The same is true for configuration, imo. Ubuntu feels more cohesive top to bottom.


:+1: Ubuntu/Gnome for usability and configurability (I hate some of the Gnome defaults but most I’ve been able to disable/customise).

Unfortunately I think they’re changing the desktop again for next release but don’t know the details.


If you are a technical person, you could try out Qubes. It’s a lot of fun, and very secure. Everything runs in VMs, so it would be an interesting setup for vaults.


I really like Qubes too. It’s great that you can run one VM with a VPN, one over Tor and one airgapped from the Internet all at the same time. It’s a shame it won’t install on a lot of systems. I also find sn_auth doesn’t work on it - not sure if you’ve tried?


I haven’t tried, yet, but I’ll see if I can find some time to try it out. Did you try both Fedora and Debian VMs?

No, just Debian as far as I remember. Some things work but when you try to authorise the CLI it hangs.

I think it was KDE 4 that was released way too early and broke Kubuntu for me completely.

That’s one of the troubles with Ubuntu - they keep changing stuff around. I gave up completely when they moved the window buttons over to the left.

I’m a conservative guy and dislike unnecessary change. Windows 95 was a big improvement over Windows 3.1. But it’s been pretty much downhill after that, if you ask me.


My Gnome customisations are essentially and enhanced version of the Windows 95 desktop.

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