Shenzhen, China Report 2

Hey everyone, I am in China’s awesomest city again. The web access here has gotten really quite harsh. I put up a shadowsocks server and it had been eaten by gfw within 3 hours of it going up, which made it feel like a real waste.

Having trouble accomplishing what I came here to do because of it, too. That, and zero hedge is reporting that demand from China for bitcoin is so high that it is almost singularly driving the recent price surge. Does maidsafe plan to strap on a way to access today’s www? I think that might be a killer app for the China market-- by solving that problem, you can then introduce users to the safe net and it’s concepts. Hosts could possibly be compensated as is currently planned for storage. A distributed architecture is more or less the only way to get around this beast of a wall that Cisco called into being so long ago. May they rot in hell for that.

If anyone wants me to visit a hardware vendor for them, or toss something in the mail, or what have you, please don’t hesitate to get ahold of me: on google hangouts.

PS: trip is not yet finished, will add more to this post including result of live testing of maidsafe in this hostile network environment.


I don’t think MaidSafe have any plans in that direction, but who knows :wink:. But I am sure that people will upload popular public websites to SAFE - especially if PtP is effective and made part of the network.


Yeah @faddat SAFE is more about rebuilding the web from scratch. So it’s not a rerouting or workaround like cjdns but rather a pure do over. Every website will be remade, made from scratch or ported to SAFE but in no way, from my understanding at least, will SAFE in any way connect to the clearnet.


Often in China for biz trips, my tests with launcher and demo app have always been successful. I was not there when vault testing was up so it could be interesting to check.

But as other people in the forum pointed out before, the chinese firewall is rather ‘reacting’ to what it thinks needs to be blocked rather than blocking things preemptively. I am pretty sure though that when Safe appears on their radar, they will not be able to do much more than watch the holes punched in their wall :relaxed: