Sharing Content Only With Specific People


Let’s say I have a file, say a photo, in my maidsafe account.
I want to share that file with my friends Alice, Bob, and Charlie.
However, I don’t want to share it with anyone else.
Also, if I decide I don’t like Bob tomorrow, I want to be able to deny Bob’s access to the photo (if he made a copy of it, too bad for me maybe, but let’s assume he didn’t).

This is sort of the foundation of how I’d like to see sharing of content happen on something like SAFEBook. You define who your friends are and what content each friend or group of friends can see. You then (somehow) allow only that list of people access to find and decrypt your picture. But your picture isn’t stored in their account permanently, so if they log in tomorrow and you’ve unfriended them they don’t have access (unless they copied it some other way).

Is this already a fundamental part of how things work with maidsafe or would the logic need to be written to support this?


Yes this is how Private Shares work. An older version of the code(like really older version) had this exact functionality. You can see it shown in this YouTube video

You added a bunch of contacts which would be your friend’s public id(which a user could have multiple of in that version of the code. So you could have your work mates identify you different to say your family even on the network). Then you went on to create a Private Share and add your friends to it. Also giving them access such as read only/full access to control them mutating the data in the share. If you choose to at a later point, you can kick them out or ofc change their access accordingly.

Saying all this, Code we are working on right now has changed since then(a lot) so there would be areas that need to be either updated/refactored to get a similar behavior. However it is something that the network allows you to have as functionality and we do have it in our plan to expose the feature via the API project.