Shareholders update

after the positivity surrounding the above recent update……why has nothing been discussed on this forum about it?

Just curious………

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Just clarifying

Are you talking of people who hold shares in Maidsafe or shares in the special entity setup by Bank to the future (or whatever it was called) or both or ??

People who hold shares in Maidsafe would be updated through different channels I’d expect and of course the updates in this forum.

The people with shares in the special entity (which holds the Maidsafe shares) mostly get updates here, but I would be interested in knowing the method for them to be updated otherwise.

Can you be a little more specific on the type of update you wanted. Like maybe how is the company or special entity is fairing, or how the project is going or ??


I have some shares on bnktothefuture
I am not confortable with them at all,
every time I log in there they ask for new documents and lock my account and take selfies and pictures, and utility bills scans and then wait 1 month, then deny, ask for more stuff, videos of navigation and proof of anything else. I know they are trying to comply with something but I am in safenetwork for privacy
I wish I could convert my shares to SFT and manage my funds by myself.


When we can trade the shares

I find this deeply problematic.


I think that bnktothefuture is legit - although mostly a guess on my part. Being legit is very hard though as compliance across multiple jurisdictions is insanely hard and expensive I’d bet.

For humanities sake in the long haul, it’s fully anon DeFi … or bust (dark age) IMO.