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For now. Another reason to steer clear of ‘Glasgi’ :wink:

‘Glasgi’ ??


Some work needed on the accent old chap. Fact is the English (mostly) simply cannot get near a Glasgow accent.
Honourable exception Nicholas Parsons of all folk

Agreed. Not a great social disadvantage so far though.

Mind you, if I ever do visit that fine city, a flawless accent would it appears save me the price of an Airbnb…

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You mix in the wrong circles.
When that vid first surfaced a few months ago ISTR it was dismissed as very poor acting. You can kip on my couch though.

How did the Svelte/JS MeetUp go BTW?

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JS meet was excellent thanks. The Svelte stuff goes down well. I really enjoy them and still hope to get a SAFE meet going at some point. I’ll have more to show at the next one too.

And thanks for the offer of a couch. That’s very kind.


Not only is there an offer of a couch, we won’t insist you come here by boat. But if you do we have a berth for you next to this.


I wanted to such to buy that very boat a few years back, they wanted £40K and I had no chance, but I really wanted it for some reason. Para handy Irvine :smiley:


Did you have a cistificate from the Board of Tredd?
useless trivia - I used to drink with John Grieve (McPhail) in a wee pub on Gt Western Road that has long since been gentrified. Handy for Kelvinbridge subway but we’ll go with Curlers or the Laurieston for the MeetUp.

PS If you are going to be Para Handy, can I be Hurricane Jeck?


Omg what a boat! As a small child I had a replica of that in white painted rubber for bathtime. Maybe we can go halves one day @dirvine.


MV Garnock

Motor tuck Garnock was built in 1956 for the Irvine Harbour Company by George Brown & Co. at Garvel Shipyard. Garnock assisted vessels in and out of the private Garnock Wharf which served the ICI Nobel explosives factory at Ardeer. Garnock was the last operational tug to work at Irvine and cost £40,000 to build. The hull, fittings and 8-cylinder Lister Blackstone engine are original.

Garnock ’s other duties including dumping faulty explosives at sea, and in February 1984 while doing so an explosion ripped a hole in the stern. Shortly afterward Garnock was presented to the Scottish Maritime Museum.

Included on the National Register of Historic Vessels of the United Kingdom, Garnock is a fine example of a vessel designed specifically for service at Irvine, and is thought to be the only tug preserved in Scotland.



I really do not wish to know how you replicated the explosion.


Don’t know what you mean. Mine was unsinkable.


Read this

or anything else by Christopher Brookmyre.

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Seems like there was a wee typo throwing when trying to register in this version, @JPL. :expressionless:

That’s the reason for the hang now.

I’ve that fixed in a branch, so will get a new alpha out the morn :+1:

With that fix in, I’m able to upload a site and edit it, so we’ll see if the OP bug is fixed for @Southside once that’s up :+1:


Thank God you are here. Someone was desperately needed to drag this back on topic. We were drifting so far off topic I thought we were about to ground on the Gantocks.


Seriously @joshuef this is incredible service, especially at the weekend. Looking forward to ungreying this image


Hah, no worries. Had a relaxed sunday and fancied digging in a wee bit! Will continue the morn :+1:


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