Share sale by 'Internet 2.0' firm MaidSafe accidentally leaked on Twitter (Computing)

Share sale by ‘Internet 2.0’ firm MaidSafe accidentally leaked on Twitter


Oh look - it says @nicklambert is MaidSafe’s COO!

“We’re trying to target developers as much as we can at the moment,” said COO Nick Lambert.


I guess “COO” is slang for something bad or funny?

Only in my head I think!

Yep - it’s all in my head. I got confused, forgot that COO is a real thing, and thought it sounded funny. I was thinking of cooing birds!

Sorry to waste peoples time! :blush:

:smiley: Chief Operating Officer, Nick runs/manages most of the companies functions except development, basically.


The fact that people are paying enough attention to the project to notice something like this should actually be inspiring!


Whoever leaked this thanks :kissing_closed_eyes:

Invest invest because even if this is not Maidsafecoins at $0.01, these are the boys&girls with alien technology that will eat up everything software. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for sharing @JPL


Hmmm, me thinks the leaker (a bnkofthefuture employee) could not bear the idea of such a great project missing its funding goals. Hell the investment platform is hosted in china. I can think of very few others that need SAFE more than chinaaaaa!!! :grin:


Things was intense with this transaction, because I send Maidsafecoins to, so that could receive bitcoins and there was a timer on bnktothefuture. TLDR; bnktothefuture’s timer ran out, didn’t transfer the money yet, but eventually I got a email that it all worked out. (I’ll release this video later on the SAFE Network Mwhahahahahaha):kissing_heart:

Maidsafe IMHO is one of the most innovate company’s in my lifetime, I’m not supporting for a financial return, but for what it’s technology will enable. :stuck_out_tongue:


So if I decided to sell a chunk of my crypto to reach the minimum of $1k for this, and it takes five days to get set up at bnktothefuture, surely the sale will go on long enough right?

Edit: Should I sell some ETH for it? bwahahah

Pretty sure you’ll be ok - not sure what happens if they ‘overfund’, but that’s happened on some other pitches.

Apparently you can make the payment before waiting 5 days for verification going by the experience of others on this forum.

Maybe another TC article is coming up


This is a great description of what SAFE is…

“SAFE is essentially a rewriting of three of the seven internet layers to
allow information to be encrypted, replicated and shared across users’
devices in a peer-to-peer fashion. Participants will eventually be paid
for the use of their resources (storage and CPU time), earning a
cryptocurrency called Safecoin. In this way servers and data centres run
by the like of Google, Microsoft and Facebook need no longer be a
feature of this alternative internet.”


I just registered on bank to the future. Took 5 minutes. Just mark that you are an individual investor, answer 10 multiple choice quetsions and voila! You can instantly start investing.


Getting on BNKoftheFUTURE was a snap. Getting them to supply the information necessary for a US Bank to transfer funds directly to the UK not so easy. Support at BotF is good time differential has created delay. Eventually streamlining the system will be helpful to those of us who lack technical background and yet believe in the future of Maidsafe.