Shapeshift BTC - MSC

So I created a new Bitcoin address, and used it to shift some Bitcoin into Maidsafe Coin for a test. The shift went through, but I am not seeing any Maidsafe Coin. I have an Omni wallet created, and I can look at the address at, but I am not sure where to look specifically for my maidsafe on omniwallet, and isn’t showing any balance when I plug in the address. Any idea where I could find my balance, or if the transaction has happened, or just a suggestion??

First thing, I always start with making sure the shift was successful and that process is handled by shapeshift so refer to their interface to answer that question. This step is my guess off hand where your transaction is still at.

Do you still have the page up in shapeshift that shows the trade?

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So far I have emailed shapeshift and received a response claiming that the Bitcoin network is slow and that it hasn’t registered on the blockchain yet, so I should be a little patient, which I will be. They also gave me an outgoing tx id, but I’m not sure if I should check the Bitcoin blockchain, or omnichest blockchain, as it doesn’t register on either. I still have my shapeshift page up, created a watch address on omniwallet, and will just continue to be patient I guess :frowning:

I had a similar problem with another exchange earlier. Same response from their support. My transaction went through after about 3 hours. So the explanation sounds plausible.

I always like to check bitcoin explorers like to see the first couple of confirmations. Usually after two then you will see your MAID in

I agree with bitcoin transaction times can be quite irritating, especially since different services that auto pay transaction fees tend to be a little lower that can add to confirmation time. It is also tough for me because I am using other platforms more now too like Ethereum and Bitshares, which are measured in seconds instead of minutes to hours.

You can post the transaction ID here, I’d be happy to take a look.

I’ll pass on posting the tx id here, but I will say that while I understand that I may not be able to see anything on omnichest, I would figure that I would be able to plug the tx id or wallet address into and at least see something pending, however this is not the case, even as of yet. will show your balance, is more for individual transactions.

Well, I’m not exactly sure what the problem was, but there nevertheless was a problem, and they refunded my BTC.