Shall we integrate with Ethereum

I don’t think we should invent everything from scratch, it is more obviously now that Ethereum is to be the dominant platform, shall we implement safecoin as a ERC20 token (Ethereum platform token), basically to build maidsafe’s payment layer on top of Ethereum. That will be a huge boost for the project.

I think we should take it seriously

The Safenetwork will be quite different from any blockchain system, it solves a lot of scalability issues that blockchains have as well. So no, I think we should keep focused on our own system :+1:.


I admit to not being up to date with Ethereum, but it makes no sense to move SafeCoin like this.

Ethereum is a very different approach technically, and SafeCoin is an integral part of how SAFEnetwork operates - and completely different from blockchain altcoins. So while some of the aims and applications of these two projects overlap, there is little to gain from trying to patch them together in this way.

They may exist side by side, or not, but if SAFEnetwork performs as expected it is going to be interesting to say the least :slight_smile:


I learned about Ethereum before I heard about MaidSafe, but lately I have not been following the Ethereum scene. (Let me hasten to point out that technically I’m hardly qualified to participate in these discussions.) But I’m a member of the Ethereum group on Facebook which has 14,600 members. Perusing recent discussions there they all seem to be focused on making money, without a single exception as far as I have observed. So I posted the following.


I found this video quite fascinating. Bix Weir is an investor and commentator specializing in the long-term fraud in the gold and silver markets. He has recently stated that gold, silver and bitcoin should be the mainstays for an investor to hedge major market (and society) disruptions.