Shadow banning…

It’s my impression that shadow banning is on a steep rise among the social media giants. Does anyone agree? (I’m listening to Stacy Herbert casually mentioning the term on the latest Keiser Report.)

I found this Wikipedia article on the topic and as someone on the talk page of that article comments, “Its called SHADOWBANNING. Everybody uses THIS term, so use it here too, ignorant wikipediot”. Also, someone is preparing a fuller version of that article.

So, does anybody know of any good sites to keep tabs on the developments regarding this phenomenon?

(Is this the right forum for this post or would another be more appropriate?)

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We don’t have that with discourse forums afaik

(yes this is the right category for interesting off topic news) Any forum related questions/suggestions the #meta category is correct. But since our forum doesn’t have this and you are not asking for any changes to the forum itself then off topic is the better place. :slight_smile:

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