Setting up Hunter's tool

I am following these steps:

I have downloaded Node.js 6.5.0, Rust, and git, but when I try to install dependencies, I fail at $ npm i
it says undefined postinstall

Anyone could help ?
I am on windows 10 which @hunterlester said is working


The first error I see is that there is no Python executable.

Download it here: Download Python |

Choose the 2.7.13 version, not 3.6.1

I think node-gyp is dependent on Python and it doesn’t play well with Python 3.


Thanks for your help !
downloaded python 2.7.13, restarted my machine, and then npm i

got this
What is weird is I had Visual build tool 2015 installed


Oh I see. I’m really glad that you started this thread because I forgot about all the software that I’ve installed on my system.

You need Microsoft Visual Studio.

I think that you don’t need to install the full package with the IDE. You may be able to just download the native build libraries here: Download Visual Studio Tools - Install Free for Windows, Mac, Linux

Scroll to bottom of screen and choose Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017.


Oh wait, sorry I missed what you wrote. You already have Visual studio installed.

Will you paste that error text here so that I can take a closer look at it?


Ah I see now. You have Visual Studio installed but you don’t have the C++ build tools.


so I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and Microsoft Visual C++ build Tools installed, and have uninstalled all previous versions.
have set up MSVS version using the command:
I still can’t build.
talking with hunter in pm.
Will let everybody know the fix as soon as we figure it out.


Getting this set up on Windows is like pulling teeth if my experience is anything to go by. There is a thread on the safedev
forum Can anyone build Mock-Routing on Win? - #40 by mav - Support - Safe Dev Forum which is worth a look.


Thanks for that little insight - that will save me some messing about - I WAS trying to do as much as poss with Python3 but I’ll go back to the old one for this.

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