Setting up and connect to NAS


Hey guys, I have a whole bunch of HDDs just collecting dust… I was wondering if I could toss them into a NAS server (or something better?) og the throw the capacity on SAFE? Is it possible to do or does It have to be connected to a computer?
Connection: 30/10
Capacity: 9.75 TB


At this time you need a computer. Its possible that later on some NAS units might have a package that can be installed.

But I would not go out and buy a NAS to do this. You can get very cheap SBC or desktop that you load linux on and connect the drives to them. You could for instance run a vault on each drive and not need to join them together like a NAS would. Some of these very small computers also have very low power consumption.


And just to make sure you’re aware, there is no network that allow you to run vaults at home at this time.


But it is planned as far as i can understand, but thx for the heads/up