Setting up a HUB in Budapest, Hungary

We are setting up a SAFE hub in Budapest, Hungary. With the hope that it can grow out to be an app development center.

Budapest is full of talented developers, and there is a growing interest here for the topics of decentralization, open source, security and privacy.
We’ve just launched our meetup group, and already have more than 60 people registered as members.

We would like to discuss the above topics in general, as well as getting down to details on development issues. We’ll see where the participants would like to take this and what guest speakers we can invite.

If someone with a deep understanding of MaidSAFE happens to travel through Central Europe, and has a bit of extra time to spend here, we can arrange for accomodation, and setup a meetup for a presentation on SAFE.


This is really great. I’m wondering what other HUBs should be set up around the world. It seems like Russia and China should each have at least one hub.