Setting up a Commons dWeb Blog

@HappyBeing - dweb commons blog and dweb blog article progress update

Following are mock ups of the draft dweb blog commons set up article (using Jaybird’s template) & dweb safe commons blog web site which I will send shortly for feedback prior to set up.

Draft dweb blog commons set up article

Draft dWeb commons blog site About page

As described in my response to David’s true decentralised price network which enables automatic price seeking on a global flat playing field comment, the DWeb commons blog describes a possible safe.commons, CommunityLink data marketplace model as a starting point for further discussion to support this outcome. As we have agreed the dWeb blog article is about my experience in setting up the dweb commons blog site so others can learn from it.

A further intention of the article is to promote the dWeb blog by incorporate links to the blog & tech (as it evolves/simplifies) as part of the dweb commons operating procedure to secure a “Commons Data Council” Quality Business Operating System (CDC QBOS) product accessible via the commons site. The objective is to enable self-organising citizens, Community or industries to access, customise deploy their own “CDC QBOS” Data Council product (ultimately ISO quality approved) across the safenetwork. The data council objective is to provide a level playing field/automatic pricing/model for community members to access their own Care Capacity system based on their own Council defined (time) standards to support transition to the Rivkin post capitalism model.

Keen to get this in place to support the proposed AI discussion group to engage with AI/Tech complimentary players and other potentially key knowledge & organisational actors such as Mariana Mazzucato who is looking to support moonshot projects which create fundamental change… health being a key area of interest and possible enterprise safe starting point for us.


Great stuff @communitylink - glad you’re making progress. I look forward to reading and hearing about your experience with dWeb Blog.

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