Services like GPT3 should be public facing already!

Google and Microsoft have said services like GPT3 are not public facing because they could be used to produce fake news. Translation: they would be used to undo fake news because they are currently being used to generate fake news.

And yet this now is greatest consensus risk on AI. AI must not be reserved for an elite few. And yet here we are, what ever people think of OpenAI(note the “open,”) GPT3 now falls into the hands of greenwasher Microsoft and its founder ex ceo/chair/board member Gates.

My sense is Googles core product is getting worse and of course it is massively compromised by conflicts of interest. I also suspect strongly (based on demos linked from this site) that equal or bettee search can be sourced from P2P and its massive data centers are not needed. Google in my mind has become just another spammer and spyware pusher. There shouldn’t be ads on phones. Google is a “where’s the beef company.” Its like the chip shortage- that is more bs, it was about water in Taiwan or more orders for Xboxes its about trying to create cover for flagging ICE sales while trying to slow the leading edge for BEVs. At the same time another little sacred cow myth has been busted. Turns out you don’t need a massive factory and countless workers, no the most sophisticated chips are produced at volume on a Dutch company ASML’s magic machines. You just need one of those $120 million dollar machines (basically a big coppier- but not that big) and you’re a major force because aside from the software the rest is low tech and can be done everywhere. But we are told its a super capital intensive super lean margin businese. No, what it is, is the most automated industry there is and the shortage is pure BS and if we had public facing stuff like GPT3 we’d know it.

Hoping maybe Tesla could provide a no compromise no e.g., no ads and no sponsors public facing service- free for 1st 5 years for brand goodwill then low cost flat rate subscription? Open public empowering truth matching is the best way to cut fud. But its a survival imperative- the public must be much better informed if we are to keep democracy and survive. Just against the AI risk and promise, concentrated AI cannot become a weapon of mass propaganda used to undermine the public.