SERP results algorithm

Wondering if anyone can point me to information regarding how page rank would work for search results.
For example if I search directory for articles on vaccination, and there are 10k results, is it a FIFO directory? Like, is it possible that the first 9k results could be anti-vaxer propaganda articles or fake news? Or has there a serps algorithm been developed to order the results in a rational fashion in this regard? If so, we are now in SEO territory. Can you also point me to any articles on what the SEO builders ‘SAFE-friendly’ actionables are, thanks.
Love your work! ~ Noob


Hi 8bit. There isn’t a search engine built into the network, apart from SPARQL queries for traversing RDF data. Search engines will be application level, so their ranking algorithms will be up to their application developers.


Interesting, indeed. So what you’re saying is - very really, Google, Bing, Firefox & Opera themselves could develop an app (SAFE-Search-Engine-X) using their own proprietary algorithms, to make searchable sense of the network?


Yes, or just add support for SAFE to their existing clearnet services.


You can see the SAFE Network Primer for general information like this. Even if this question was not answered directly many things will be clear to you.

Or search the forum for topics that discuss this, for example:


Yes, thanks, I downloaded the primer - woa-ho-ho! Brilliant resource. Very well done - didn’t quite give me what I was after though - but gave me a next level of understanding on a bunch of stuff of didn’t think I was too interested in… until now - lol.


Cheers D - appreciate the feedback.