Seriously, even paying $1 MILLION USD to get listed on big exchanges is WELL WORTH the money!

Thank you for understanding most of my arguments btw. And to respond to you, there’s something called probability. So if you see 99% of the projects that got listed on Binance had a massive price increase, then you conclude that most definitely it’s going to happen to this project as well. It’s the same reason you get up everyday and do what you do. Because there’s no way to be sure the sun will be up tomorrow or you won’t have a heart attack the next minute, but do you worry about the fact that you can potentially have a heart attack any second and say there’s hence no point in trying to finish a project you’re trying to finish etc? Same analogy here. The probability is beyond reasonable doubt that it’ll help the project. And that’s what the project should stick with, the fact that it’s going to help the project and be cost effective beyond reasonable doubt.

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Would be the biggest waste of $1 Million MAID could ever spend. Some investors are impatient and almost all of them are people who bought a few years ago and are up 30x+ still. If you had invested in a standard market at 7% gains a year you would not even have a drop in the bucket to the results this crypto project has brought. Once the network is 100% launched how they choose to blow funding would be fine with me, but while they have absolutely no product they need to focus on development and if there are challenges that could be overcome more quickly with quality technical hires then by all means pick up a consultant/contractor making bank to finalize the network. But by golly do not go against the whole motto of SAFE which is access for everyone to these greedy pig exchange owners who not only make millions on trading volume but act as a vulture on the hard efforts of crypto development teams just trying to gain a market foothold. The network WILL speak for itself when its done, and exchanges will be forced to take notice. If you can’t be patient then sell out and come back later when its done if you believe there to be better opportunities because MAID is somehow insane for focusing on their product rather than hype and bs…


No, it’ll be the biggest missed gain of over potentially $5 million due to increase in token value.

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What the hell is the team doing then if we pay for their marketing? Might as well pay for their development, their rent and their food as well then everyday, even after we’ve invested. The team has more than enough to market itself. Would make no sense to crowd fund. What would make sense tho, is the team stating how much they have in total now for both development and marketing to the community. Then the community will engage in a poll to vote on whether people agree to spend 200k for it to be listed on Binance and Bithumb instead of one person(or a very few group of people) who doesn’t know how to market making the decision contrary to what the community wants while claiming this is a community project. The community already has funded once. And the team has more than enough to get itself listed.

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Well, there are, in general markets, the people that go for short term goals and others that seek longer term goals. MaidSafe is in this for the long haul and nothing will stop them!

Remember David had this Safe Network vision long before Stoshi created the Bitcoin plan before “Crypto” was even a THING!

A year ago, I had never heard of this project and now I believe in it with my heart and soul…Right behind my Wife. I also believe in the Maid Team, they must have their reasons and I get that.

What the Project needs now is dozens upon dozens of new and talented Community Developers, so so many that they will over-shadow the regular Community Members. Spending funds on on listing a TEMPORARY coin, I placeholder token, isn’t the right move!


Just curious, are there stats on coins being listed on certain exchanges that directly correlate to a price increase? Could be useful in proving the point and convincing people on the team, possibly.

Yep. So you should agree with me 200k is a very much worthwhile investment for the long haul. And It’s actually good for both short and long term. So the result of that is, short-term you don’t lose money, long term you get so much more exposure and popularity.

You didn’t quote the ALL CAPS part of the last sentence, which is the most important part!!

Yep. Have a look at the recent Bithumb announcements on Monaco and Tron. As well as look at all the listed coins on Binance. You can see from the graphs, during the first few days of listing(very beginning of the candle stick chart) always increases.

Tron is a temporary coin, so is Monaco. It doesn’t matter tho. Getting exposure to your project is irrespective of the development state of your project. You can have a fully finished project that no one knows about or a developing project that everyone knows about and every developer joins the open source community to help development so it’s launched much faster.

Rather than trying to support a lost cause, it’ll be nice if people are open minded and willing to accept new ideas provided logic and evidence.

Never heard of them, guess it didn’t work.

Ha, that’s even more ridiculous! Just cos you’ve personally never heard of it doesn’t mean they don’t have billions at their disposal for both marketing and development. All because of good marketing

EXACTLY my point!! 20

You have no point. Or perhaps you’re misinterpretating my point, which is saying just because you personally don’t know doesn’t mean everyone else don’t know. It’s like saying oh I don’t know bitcoin, never heard of it so the team must be terrible. Again, accepting the fact that you’ve argued so hard against might be hard emotionally, but please do it for the good of the community.

OKay, if you say I have no point, then how long have you known about this project?
How well do you know the finances of this project?
Why won’t you consider ponying your own money for your idea of listing on big exchanges?
How much have you contributed to this Community?

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Maidsafe does things a bit differently. I agree with @SalvorinFex they do think very long term and they are honestly trend setters. They were the first crypto fundraiser, they were one of the first I know of in crypto to port to Rust, now other projects are catching on, they have sharding all sorted while it looks like it’s a year or more out till projects like ethereum figure it out to solve their scalability issues.

What bothers me about this paying for popularity is, it comes off as a somewhat shallow and shilly move. It feels almost like extortion in a sense. On the flip side, being too idealistic can have its setbacks, I should know.


I have been here for 10 months and I have contributed my fare share, my Wallpapers have hundreds of likes, and even used in today’s DevCon. I am a community Moderator for Slack/Discord/Riot/IRC/Telegram, taking care of a share of the spam and scam that goes on there.

You are acting like it’s trivial to spend that kinda of money, it ISN’T!
I am sure they have members of their team that were debating back and forth similar to the way we are.

It is up to them and you trivialized it by calling the decision ‘stupid’…not the best way to make friends and influence people.


As you have alluded to, I think it depends on time frame, as no timescale has been released it’s difficult to know. There was a poll on beta release and from memory the average guess of release was Q4 2019 (happy to be wrong). I personally think that if it’s further than 6 months away listing on Binance or another popular exchange would be money well spent. If it is this far away, increasing awareness and popularity of the project is pretty easily done by spending 200k. Also, this marketing takes little time away from other promotional activities. Time for a small company is like gold.


Now let’s see. Spend $1 mill to see my Maidsafe go from 37 cents to 74 cents. Who cares.


I would rather see MAID on other exchanges without paying $200k fee. There are still also small ones with small exchange fee and good reputation and security and might be more popular in near future.

I was checking several currencies going to Binance and not all after 1 week had bigger price. It is quite individual for each one.
btw. Tron is already over hyped and Monaco is working hard to get some Tenx investors and even that have already 1/2 delay with cards, they are still promising to bring them soon.