Sending Maid safe coins from the Masterxchange

HI there,
I sent bitcoins straight to the Masterxchange and purchase Maidsafe coins , they are still on the exchange. I did not use the Omni wallet and the private key, my question is : how do I sent them back to my bitcoin wallet using the secret key through Omni wallet .Or do I have to start the hole process of sending some bit coin through a new Omni wallet with the secret key and the public key throught to my Masterxchange account . I am not sure where to go from here and realize the Maidsafe coins are not completely safe on the Masterxchange.
Would really appreciate some help here , kind regards thanks.

There are some tutorials on this site but I can’t put them here because I’m replying from my phone. Search for Maidsafe exchange and you’ll find them.

I purchase the maidsafecoins on either masterxchange or Poloniex and then withdraw them to a Bitcoin address just like I would do with Bitcoin. It’s sufficient to own that address, meaning have the private keys for it to be able to exchange them later for safecoin or Bitcoin.

Thanks for your reply, do I have to have the private key now or could I arrange this later after I have the Maidsafe coins in my bitcoin wallet . Also can I send the Maidsafe coins to the safe net work once it is up and running from my bitcoin wallet . My main concern is to get maidsafe coins out of the exchange into my bitcoin wallet.
Thanks so much.

I’m on my phone too but when you search for ‘storing maidsafecoins’ or start typing ‘store’, ‘storing’ you might find threads that will provide you tutorials.

Thanks I will try that .

The Bitcoin address in which you are withdrawing your Maidsafecoins MUST be your OWN address, not on Coinbase or another exchange/3rd party service who owns the keys for you.

Its private key is needed when you want to transfer the Maidsafecoins from that bitcoin address to an exchange like Poloniex or Masterxchange, process done through Omniwallet, or when they’ll be exchanged for Safecoins later on this year (not many details at this moment , development still in progress).

As I said no need for your private key now when you withdraw Maidsafecoins to a Bitcoin address but more info on how to find out the private keys of your bitcoin address are on the web or this site.If you’re only interested in keeping them for Safecoin exchange when network is up, you can wait for a step-by-step tutorial then.

EDIT: In this post there’s a very simple explanation on how to find your private keys using a wallet. NEVER expose your private key obviously :smile: :

More info about Maidsafecoin storage here:

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