Sending MAID from a Trezor hardware wallet

Hi Guys. I am here because I am desperate to find out how to send my MAID coins from a Trezor One hardware wallet to Omniwallet. I made the mistake of sending 2470 MAID to my Trezor and they are in there fine, but of course I can’t easily send them out of the Trezor wallet. I have anew Trezor Model T and have moved all other coins to that, so I am prepared to lose the original Trezor One that my MAID are on, but after following Forum advice on using BIP39 - Mnemonic Code to try and get my Private Key - I just can’t import my Trezor Private key to Omniwallet to get access to sending or storing my MAID there :O(

Can anyone help or point me to somewhere/someone that can? PLEASE? :O)

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Wouldn’t have happened if it was an ETH token :cry: :cry: very sorry to hear about this happening to you in our community


It should be possible to download a bitcoin wallet like Electrum and ‘restore’ your Trezor/Ledger wallet with your word seed. From there you should be able to extract the private key for a specific address. Disadvantage would be that if there’s any other coins on there, you’d have to move them to new addresses.


What steps did you follow?

Did you use the correct derivation path? BIP49 for SegWit, BIP44 for legacy addresses.


Hi - I used BIP44 - I’ll try BIP49?

What I am confused about is - am I looking for the exact address I used in the Derived Addresses column? If so, how many Rows do I ned to show to find mine? :O|

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If the address starts with a 3, then it’s a SegWit address. However, thinking about it, I have no idea if OMNI and SegWit are compatible.

Yes, it depends on how much transactions you made to the wallet. Every time you used a receive address, it should have provided you one from the next row. You should be able to verify that. Just use Ctrl+F and show more rows if it’s not there.

Edit: From a Reddit post:

currently there is no Omni Core version that enforces BIP148. However, if SegWit activates via BIP148, and the SegWit chain becomes the dominant chain, SegWit also activates for Omni Core.

So I assume it should work as SegWit was activated.


I have no idea what you are talking about, so sorry. I have searched hundreds of thousands of the addresses so far - no sign of mine, how many rows should I be going through? It’s very unwieldy to try and spot/find my address - I have the Chrome Edit/Find function running but as I said, no occurrences in over four hundred thousand addresses?

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BTW I am talking about the Derived addresses on the BIP39 tool, looking at the BIP49 Derived Addresses…

I know what my BTC address was, I just can’t find it when I add my Trezor Seed and look at the derived addresses… :O(

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That web site is giving the compressed keys. I don’t know if that is what Trezor hardware used.

Try BIP44 instead of BIP49

Do you have the path or derivation for the address on the Trezor?



In the Derived Addresses Column underneath the BIP39 keys that it gives, the addresses are the correct (full) format, as are the Private Keys. I just can’t find my address… :O(

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Does the Trezor software give you the derivation path for your address? There are a number of derivation paths that could have been taken. EG account, change

For example


It gives a BIP32 path?

If you can give that then we can tell you the parameters to put into “account” and “change” and how many address to look down for yours. It should be similar to the one in my post above.

It says the BIP32 path is m/49’/0’/1’/0/5

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So that is

Coin 0
Account 1
External/Internal 0
6th address in the list start counting from 0 so 5 is the 6th


Did that info help? Did you see where to plug those figures into?

I’m sure you can import the Trezor seed to Omni can’t you?
Alternatively, import the seed to some desctop wallet like Electrum. Obtain your private key and then import the key only to Omni.

The point is HTF to get my Private Key - that’s the conversation we are having about relative to using the BIP39 tool (see above). I need to try and work out my private key using that tool, but it is very non-intuitive.

@neo - Yes that did actually help, it shows the right address now :O)

Thanks so much for your help with that.

So OmniWallet imported the key but created a different (new) BTC address. Is that right? I did already have the original BTC address in there as a Watch Only address, but it doesn’t seem to let you add the Private Key after you’ve added it as a Watch Only address?

Does the created address start with a 1?