Sending from omniwallet error

I wanted to buy a few MAID and have successfully done so by transferring from poloniex to omnicoin. I wanted to test sending MAID out of omniwallet but when I try I get this error.

“Your ‘From Address’ does not have enough BTC to complete this transaction. Please select a different address or send enough BTC to cover the Total transaction cost.”

I noticed that a small amount of bitcoin was sent to my omniwallet address when I withdrew from poloniex. Why is that?

If I want to send, do I simply transfer a small amount of bitcoin to the same address and then try sending again from omni?

Yes, exactly, though I’m not sure how much bitcoin you’ll need to transfer. About 0.0005btc used to be enough.

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It’s because MAID coins are tokens in the omni layer protocol which runs on top of the Bitcoin network, so in order to make a transaction you need to pay a small amount of btc to the Bitcoin miners/network.


When the SAFE network goes live will this protocol continue to run on top of the bitcoin network? Please forgive my ignorance.

The MaidSafeCoin tokens that are trading now and Safecoins that will run on the SAFE network are two separate coins. When the SAFE network launches (and thus Safecoin), the MaidSafeCoins will be able to be converted to Safecoins 1:1, probably by burning the MaidSafeCoins. MaidSafeCoins will always run on the Omni protocol on Bitcoin, and Safecoins will always run natively on the SAFE network.


Can anyone state with certainty how much bitcoin it costs to send MAID from one address to another? It costs over $2 USD to get MAID off of Polo (why so expensive?) So if I move MAID out I want to do it in one swift move, and then divide up after that into several addresses. And then would I also need to put BTC in every MAID address so that when the day comes I can move them onto the SAFE network to convert to SAFE?

For some reason I thought they changed it to 2 MAID from 10MAID. Did they change it back or am I thinking of Bittrex?

Anyhow lodge a support ticket and ask why so expensive since MAID has been quite high in price for some time.

They increased the fees for transferring omni assets. From the omni wallet web send. To send 1 MAID

EDIT: or is that a decrease? Seem to remember it was 0.00035000 BTC Also I seem to remember seeing 0.0004xxxx BTC a week or 2 ago. Maybe it is dynamic but around the 0.0002xxxx to 0.0004xxxx BTC mark for transfers


That’s the way Omni Protocol has to code transactions. Flr example, every time I get USDT from my BOND payments my bitcoin balance is increased by exactly 2730 satoshi, no matter the amount of USDT was transfered.

It is part of the protocol.