Senator Angus King Saying US must clamp down on European Visas- excited lunatics are out

Because they think they can get away with it the domestic terrorists are starting to commit their crimes and atrocities because they think doing so will allow them to steal elections and domestic power to unleash still more terror. They want to take on the socialists! Not prosecuting 911 or 2008 encourages this type of stuff.

The news is full of this stuff about how Americans must accept radically increased surveillance (also Hillary is saying this) and now closed boarders to stop or slow down Europeans with visas. At the same time people from the Third Way are saying Americans must work harder for less and go to night school. We really do have a criminal class. I think the response to the Third Way on the part of many Americans would be to confiscate and burn their wealth and lock them up and throw away the key. These people literally feel entitled to ruin other people’s lives. This has to end. We have a class of filth that will do anything to keep the system of you work so we don’t have to going. We have to get rid of their power. Its like facing plantation south all over again. Its no surprising because capitalism was just a more subtle form of slavery. The idea of an employer class is idiotic. The so called job creators need to get a job. Terrorizing others doesn’t count.

With regard to Hillary its starting to look like the Bush Admin was not a discontinuity of the Clinton Admin before but just a continuation and deepening of the same agenda. Do we really want the Bush Admin back ratcheted up a notch with a vindication chip on its shoulder? Hillary is to the right of both Obama and even Trump on many crucial political and economic issues. She is the one who said Republican’s have a plantation mentality but so it seems does she. She seems to fundamentally not understand liberty and open government, seems obsessed with secrecy and surveillance.

Hmmm… Clampdown on EU passports is actually not a bad idea!

The EU has become is the Mecca of terrorism, and I mean both religious and State terrorism.

But it seems quite likely to me that the US is a partner in all of this terror. That is what all this BS about the NSA sharing data is about. They’ve already been doing it. Right now they want to make everything you’ve typed online in any form and every phone call searchable by a couple million elitests directly an ten to forty million global elites indirectly. But see if Hillary’s stuff is searchable? Only the rich are supposed to have privacy. Better to get rid of theses agencies and release all their supposedly secret bs, publish by legal means and then shut down and make state secrecy a crime.