Selling safenet accounts

Will be able to sell safe accounts or names “example.safenet” for safecoin automatically inside safenetwork ?

It’s won’t be possible to sell safe names automatically, unless somebody creates a smartcontract saying:
If safecoin is send to this safe name, change the account password and give them the Account secret and new account password.

But you could still post it on a trusted website for selling domains (Hmmmm maybe that’s a service, thanks for the idea). :stuck_out_tongue:

Something like this

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Thanks for replying, I hope you start building “name.safenet” or any one who can.
That’s will be really great

Everybody can provide this service actually, just put up a website and others can list their domain there. You can serve as middleman providing the escrow. What would be more fun is if you could just put up your domain for sale without any third party.

If I could set a safecoin price for this domain and whoever sends safecoin to safe:// gets the new access codes and my access code becomes invalid. buy could be the triggerword placed infront of every domain that’s for sale, no middle man needed no marketplace needed (you don’t even need to contact whoever registered the domain first (3 birds 1 strike)). :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing that you need to keep in mind here, is that .com will encompass every .com website. So maybe it’s best to only pick the most expensive .com website for you money making machine. :kissing_heart: