Selling maidsafecoin right at the meetup

Here is an idea for the meetup. Pre-load varying amounts of Maidsafecoin into several different wallet addresses. Then if people want to buy coins from you, just give them your password and show them how to change it. If the Maid is unsold during the meetup, just keep it for your next meetup or transfer it to someone else who is having a meetup.

Of course we need to make it easy for people to buy Maid and get them started. That will make everything more fun and less intimidating.


I would personally be very cautious any possible legality issues.
Selling without complying with kyc could cause issues, or so i would think.

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I guess selling a relatively small amount would not be an issue.

Im fairly sure that would depend on what country you are in and what laws apply there.

Small or big is not imp. If it is sold, it has to be sold complying with all laws/regulations. Any conversion from fiat to coin or vice versa has to comply with kyc and other regulations. coin to coin swap is a different matter I think.

Things are quite different from regulations during initial raise so need to be validated before any action that may cause any legal issues with the company or suspensions. That would finish safecoin and maidsafe before it is even launched.

I wonder if you could sell it with an on the spot KYC. I mean its just a quick photo of your drivers license and your face in some places. Others require proof of address but just put out the memo if you want to buy some on the spot bring that with you. Or you could take payment and let them email it later then send the coin.

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