Selling MaidSafe, having issues

Hi all
I have tried to go through the instructions here:

As recently I needed to liquidate some assets. I have set up an Omniwallet as suggested. And I can see the MaidSafe coins are attached the bitcoin public address. But when I import the PRIVATE key into Omniwallet, the MaidSafe asset(s) don’t show up. It only shows a different public address, and zero assets.

If I import as a WATCH ONLY address I can see the correct public address and correct assets listed, including my MaidSafe coins.

I use for storing bitcoin/MaidSafe, so I’m worried it’s something to do with how they handle addresses.

Please tell me my assets aren’t trapped?! Help!

As long as you can see your coins attached to your public address they are safe and sounds so I wouldn’t worry too much.

I doubt this could have anything to do with as you still have the ability to export your private keys.

An issue I had previously was making sure it was in ‘Bitcoin-QT format’. No idea if that would apply in your case but thought I’d mention just in case.

If you’re confident you’re doing everything correctly then it could be worth checking in with the support at omniwallet - they’ve helped me out before when they had an issue which was affecting something and resolved it all satisfactorily.

Good luck!!


Thank you for the quick response!

Do you happen to know the sequence to export private keys from They have since changed their user interface (it’s been years since I logged in) and it’s confusing me! I can’t see an export option anywhere on the new interface.

Thanks again.

This might be helpful:

@mrlukeduke, it sounds to me it’s the same issue discussed here: Problem importing private key into Omniwallet

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