Self-deleting immutable data


I was looking at the email/messaging example and noticed that a lot of immutable data is left behind for no real reason and also a potential security concern.

I propose having the option for the creator of immutable data to set the number of reads before the network automatically deletes the data.

So for private messaging, you could set immutable_reads = 1.

Each read of the immutable data would decrement this counter until it reaches 0 and is deleted.

A safe write as a self-deleting immutable data would probably cost the user less safecoin.




Nice idea, it would be a new data type, but worth considering for sure. Maybe it would be a read once item that identifies the public key that counts as this read? It’s a little complex and would need a flow scrutinised, but this would be a nice RFC. I know some of the guys are worried about data bloat and where we are obviously creating the bloat then this is a good plan.


Deletable ImmutData would certainly be beneficial. Just to add an alternate approach, there is also the Deletable Immutable-Data rfc PR that takes on a different approach to deletable ImmutData. Markdown Render