See you at FOSDEM? :)


Hey, people,

I and a few other MaidSafers (@marcin, @pierrechevalier83, maybe @nbaksalyar) are going to conference next weekend. It’s free of charge, many great people and topics.
Come, let’s chat, have a bear, etc. :slight_smile:

SAFE Network Dev Update - January 31, 2019

I’ll probably be there like last year. Sunday morning 10h @janson (big room): certainly first Solid and then Tor.


After missing my plane last year I hope to finally attend this time :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see the talks (the Rust ones in particular*), meet some fellow MaidSafers, and hopefully meet some community members as well :+1:

*: Although I will have to pass on one of them for a talk about Emacs :wink:


For me, you only have to worry if you want to avoid vim talk :wink:


Vim talk is fine by me, I always like a chance to make fun of it :+1:


Ps: I see a cancelled talk at 9h in the ‘Blockchain and Crypto Currencies’ devroom…


FOSDEM is a chance to connect with folk from the Solid community. See:



Totally what I meant ;d Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:


Finally, my visa has been processed, so it’s not a ‘maybe’ anymore :wink:
See all of you there on the weekend!

It certainly is – lots of productive conversations to have!


FOSDEM seems like a fun and interesting event, have an extra beer for me. :slight_smile: Hope I get an opportunity to join on another year.


I’m guessing that (today) and tomorrow until friday in Brussels are planned that way for people who want to attend FOSDEM after that. Privacy certainly is a hot topic, also seeing the Decentralized Internet and Privacy FOSDEM devroom at Saturday.


Landed in Brussels not too long ago. Can’t wait for tomorrow :smiley:


Just arrived :grinning: