Security hypothetical

just wondering what if hypothetically, all the big governments who are opposed to a decentralized internet for different reasons tried to take down the safenet by hosting a massive pool of machines with an unlimited amount of resources for farming and then shutting them all down at the same time?

I think the govt would actually like to use SAFE to securely store their things etc.

More worried about NSA or even a big tech company having problems with it, as it takes away their control and completely destroys their multi-milti-billion-dollar ad revenue-powered empires.

but yeah, for your question, there’s nothing they can do to stop all the people of the whole world, if we’re all working together with our pooled computer resources to keep SAFE going strong.

As I understand it datarepublish is a defence against just such a situation, whether it be govt attack or solar flare knocking out half the globe.

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My opinion

1st governments do not have as much resource for SAFE vaults as does the population and businesses of the respective countries. Otherwise all taxing would be greater than 50% and they didn’t employ anyone (just slaves)

2nd they are more likely to want SAFE, the same as they want Tor. They will need them for security.

3rd Node aging, they will be too late to the party to take control. In fact they are unlikely to have anywhere near 25% of the of the resources for vaults as does the general population and “farming businesses”. At that rate they will only help the network or at worse cause slowness.


I wonder if there is a technical means to dirupt people downloading the initial Safenet download

I’m sure more sources for the download would appear if that happened. Someone would stick it up as a torrent and plenty of people would be willing to provide access if it gets them more traffic. Supply and demand always have a way of working themselves out in the end. If the autonomous network is in demand then more access points would quickly appear to satisfy the demand and fill any gaps. Even on the current internet once data is out there in the wild there is really no way to stop it spreading if people want it…

The big vulnerabilities lie not in the decentralized technology itself but the environments the clients run in, the individual pc’s of the users. There the information you are working with is visible decrypted on your screen, your keystrokes can be logged, Microsoft technology is notoriously (purposefully?) leaky, so even if anything that enters the network is securely encrypted, someone can “see” it being put in.