Secure e-mail services

protonmail is free…hushmail costs $50 per year - but it allows respondents with insecure e-mail the capacity to send back encrypted messages. This seems much better - after all, its all very well having a secure/private e-mail, but if everything you write goes directly into open view its a bit pointless - I may be missing something critical which wouldn’t suprise me…but I will be overjoyed to get away from yahoo/gmail/hotmail…

Now I just need to get a privacy compatible phone as I can’t keep drop-kicking the one I have forever… even though I love to see it fly…:boot: :calling: :airplane:.


The link above seems broken.
EDIT: Thanks for fixing it.

As for the phone, I suggest you take a look at

I’m certainly buying one when they come out.

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Thank you for the link! ‘Librem 5 – A Security and Privacy Focused Phone’ looks great :grinning: Purism seem like a really excellent company ‘people should have secure devices that protect them rather than exploit them’ I agree with that! I would like one of the laptops too but I might have to wait for both till their next version comes out… so I can get the first one on ebay…:yum: I’ve seen Jolla phones there - only two today - but I’ve heard they’re good - though really even a couple of baked bean tins connected with a piece of string would be more secure than my current set up, and at least they wouldn’t disclose my every movement at all times…:iphone::microscope::bar_chart:

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I don’t buy new gadgets all the time, but when I do I get good ones. Good ones cost money. I have a Librem 15 laptop from Purism and I love it as much as I can love a laptop. I prefer desktop computers.

I have given old phones new life by installing/flashing LineageOS on them, which has really saved me a lot of money, as well as improving my privacy.


Thank you for the information about LineageOS :grinning: Its brillilant to know its possible to install something sensible into existing devices!

I am in full support of your imminent purchases! they may be out of my price range but that doesnt stop me feeling genuinely uplifted by the fact that the hardwear exists and that they are in the spectrum of choices available… people are making privacy-led selections! This is a reason to be cheerful :sparkler:
Its not suprising they’re pricey as they probably have development costs and all sorts of overheads - by the time I get mine, complete with the prerequisite scratches and dents - (I like vintage stuff) there will be many more in circulation and thats a good good thing!

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Great topic and I am able to actually add my two cents:

Posteo, the “GREEN, SECURE, AD-FREE” email hosted in Germany, €1/mo., multiple layers of encryption, custom aliases etc., check out their feature list on

As for an alternative OS for your phone, I was using CopperheadOS for a couple of months and was very happy; a slick&fast hardenened AOSP based distribution, they only support a limited range of devices but for a good reason: it removes infinite variabilitya nd makes patching holes manageable. In case you don’t have the skill or want to outright support the cause, they sell preinstalled devices as well.