*SECRETS OF MAGNETISM* Never Seen Before* Torus-Hyperboloid

Sigh. So many words for such a simple principle. I’m sure he thinks he is so smart. Saw some flat earth vids and he sounds like them. The tone of his voice and throws in such big words that I’m not sure he understands.

Oh its been seen a lot. Love to get one of those spinning tops.

Oh he must get a lot of money from the adverts. That is what it is all about.

And he says experts do not know how magnets works and we do, well explained and this guy thinks no one knows. Is he a flat earther too?

Grade 8 STEM stuff

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This is the book he wrote on everything he “discovered”. He is working on a fourth edition.

I wasn’t going to read that book after watching his video. I expected it to be more of the same, basically a ego trip. How long have physicists been studying magnets, electro-magnetism for? Does he think his massive over explanation of a very simple concept matches the concise physics that has developed for over a century?

BTW I mentioned to my son about the video and he immediately told me the principles involved and I had not even finished telling of the effects seen. Its that simple that a high school educated adult knew. Its what magnetic braking is all about

EDIT: From your link a reviewer who was praising his book said this and summed up my view of the video

The only thing I truly obtained is the “stick it to the man/ governmental brain washing” and not why this “Secret” is of so much importance

Its the corner-stone of so many conspiracy nuts that government brain-washing is done.

Well the governments do not decide the physics, highly educated people do the discoveries and working out the physics behind the discoveries. The governments use the science for war and tell the schools to teach science, but the governments do not decide the content in the books used for education. (at least in Australia).

The use of unnecessary terminology also displays a lack of true understanding of the forces and effects he is observing. Which explains why another commenter was not so kind

Thief of others work and nothing more.
Repackaging by a complete turd.
Learn of Viktor Schauberger and you have the originator of Ken Wheelers plagiarism of Magnetism as well as many of the things he hands people on his Youtube channel that are not original.
With this repackaging comes a severe lack of understanding presented by Viktor Schauberger and the many other things not being addressed when scum like Wheeler pick and choose what to push as their own as they leave so much out.

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Just got back and noticed I still had that book open in a tab. (page 15) where he made a couple of quotes.

What I noticed in the book was a case of “I don’t understand the physics so the physicists don’t understand magnetism and fields”. And "So I can make up physics to explain what I see, even if its crap or correct. And if “I” use big words (out of context/definition) then others will see just how smart “I” am" A very common trait I’ve noticed amongst these people who see themselves as more intelligent than these physicists doing the government’s bidding in hiding the truth from then public.

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