SecretChat - Web App by SAFE-FS (live)



#v0.0.3 Released
Fixed minor bug that was preventing full fonts to appear on certain OS’s (Linux)

as always, it’s live at the same link safe://chat.wom5/

Would apply this to our Demo App, but I ran out of puts on that account :stuck_out_tongue: sad… wish we could transfer ServiceNames that we owned to the new Launcher accounts we make. Anyone know the plans for that?


hahaha - i just stumbled across this :smiley:


I I I had a feeling (we would find things like this :slight_smile: )


it’s sooo cool isn’t it?! :smiley:

things are starting to happen (slowly but surely :wink: )


Lol took us long enough, right??

I feel like it’s a bit of a test for the community, like there’s lots of obvious potential app ideas and MaidSafe sits back and let’s the community slowly figure them out :slight_smile:

I feel like a mouse that got to the end of a little maze lol and very excited for more!!


oookay - your chat is supercool and pretty informative! @whiteoutmashups !!! and i didn’t know of the other chat Oo


ps: okay - just a side note: you first need to create a public id to be able to chat there :wink:


Awesome job!!! Let’s keep the apps comin and don’t stop until all clearnet services are permanently obsolete!!!


I appear to be unable to log in to the shared account for secretchat. The launcher doesn’t recognize the account.


hmmm - works fine here

you do have launcher v 0.9.2 do you?


yes this definitely happens if you don’t have the newer Launcher versions (0.9.2, 0.9.3 and 0.10.0 all work)

I just tested it again (I have v0.10.0) to make sure it all still works. It does :slight_smile:


I mean, I joined the community and downloaded the launcher this week, so unless the launcher on the website is out of date, then I should have the most up-to-date launcher.


Maybe, but best to check because otherwise we can’t help you.



Login with these details to chat with me and @JPL !!

(safe://chat.wom) URL

Launcher Secret: secretchat1
Launcher Password: secretchatwithme


Encrypted chat app for test 18, on here


I am having trouble connecting to safe://chat.wom is that right link or is there a new one


is it live right now?
doesn’t connect to either chat.wom nor chat.wom5


Yeah @Gamerbits this one needs to get reuploaded to the 18 network. Will be on that after the video


Working on the updates for this to newest nets