SecretChat - Web App by SAFE-FS (live)



#v0.0.3 Released
Fixed minor bug that was preventing full fonts to appear on certain OS’s (Linux)

as always, it’s live at the same link safe://chat.wom5/

Would apply this to our Demo App, but I ran out of puts on that account :stuck_out_tongue: sad… wish we could transfer ServiceNames that we owned to the new Launcher accounts we make. Anyone know the plans for that?


hahaha - i just stumbled across this :smiley:


I I I had a feeling (we would find things like this :slight_smile: )


it’s sooo cool isn’t it?! :smiley:

things are starting to happen (slowly but surely :wink: )


Lol took us long enough, right??

I feel like it’s a bit of a test for the community, like there’s lots of obvious potential app ideas and MaidSafe sits back and let’s the community slowly figure them out :slight_smile:

I feel like a mouse that got to the end of a little maze lol and very excited for more!!


oookay - your chat is supercool and pretty informative! @whiteoutmashups !!! and i didn’t know of the other chat Oo


ps: okay - just a side note: you first need to create a public id to be able to chat there :wink:


Awesome job!!! Let’s keep the apps comin and don’t stop until all clearnet services are permanently obsolete!!!


I appear to be unable to log in to the shared account for secretchat. The launcher doesn’t recognize the account.


hmmm - works fine here

you do have launcher v 0.9.2 do you?


yes this definitely happens if you don’t have the newer Launcher versions (0.9.2, 0.9.3 and 0.10.0 all work)

I just tested it again (I have v0.10.0) to make sure it all still works. It does :slight_smile:


I mean, I joined the community and downloaded the launcher this week, so unless the launcher on the website is out of date, then I should have the most up-to-date launcher.


Maybe, but best to check because otherwise we can’t help you.



Login with these details to chat with me and @JPL !!

(safe://chat.wom) URL

Launcher Secret: secretchat1
Launcher Password: secretchatwithme


Encrypted chat app for test 18, on here


I am having trouble connecting to safe://chat.wom is that right link or is there a new one


is it live right now?
doesn’t connect to either chat.wom nor chat.wom5


Yeah @Gamerbits this one needs to get reuploaded to the 18 network. Will be on that after the video


Working on the updates for this to newest nets


Someone asked me today about the status of secure email through the SAFEnetwork. I know a few people have talked about the possibility of building various encrypted messaging SAFE dApps. Does anyone have a good sense of the status on any of them? Thanks!


These sort of APPs are prob seen as the more trivial type of APP and people are waiting for beta before trying again since things could change in the API etc.

So my guess is “stay tuned” SAFE mail will be coming in many flavours. As well as multitudes of messaging and chat APPs. After all its trivial to have end-2-end encryption on SAFE since its basically done for you.