SecretChat - Web App by SAFE-FS (live)

Beginning work on a small chat app: safe://chat.wom5/

Like with the previous chat apps (shoutout to @riddim 's CrappyChat!!), all speakers in each conversation must be logged into the same account to see the conversation, (TEST 11 by the way)

so I made a public account and started a convo:
Launcher Secret: secretchat1
Launcher Password: secretchatwithme

Login to SAFE with the above info^^^, and go to safe://chat.wom5 to see the secret message I left you all!!

Currently allows for encrypted messaging with no history or logs kept of anything :slight_smile: Every message is automatically & permanently deleted when a new message is entered. Quite useful!

Looking to add features, like a chat history scrollbox but am a bit confused about how to go about this. Perhaps make it create a new file for each message, and do recursive GET requests on all possible files in order? IDK

Would be easy in pure JS with arrays etc but a bit harder with SAFE as it is now, where you need to do specific GET requests for each entry. Thoughts?

Have fun playing with it! To “SecretChat” with someone, make a SAFE account and share the login info.

Can chat in pretty much real-time with this :slight_smile:

#Almost forgot: GITHUB LINK


also you can use HTML tags while chatting in this app, like < h1>sample Message< /h1> to make text HUGE and stuff like that. Look up HTML tags online to have some fun with it!

This is what < h1> tags do to text on webpages, for anyone who is new:


And I want to ask everyone to make sure, but this is still the best (only) way to have messaging / chat right?

We’re still waiting for MD / publicly viewable / shared / transferable data from MaidSafe right?

Or is there a better way for me to currently make an app where people can share messages or information of any kind? Thanks!

Good timing. I’m experimenting with a chat app right now to see what listening for data changes looks like on a decentralized network. Very cool, I’ll look into these other implementations.


Very cool! feel free to post a link here anytime and I’ll check it out and offer any help I can!

On initialization, my program is creating a core structure with public AppendableData that all users append to when posting messages.
project repo

Working on creating ImmutableData and appending to core AD tonight.


This might be the answer I’m looking for, I’ll look into it tomorrow thanks!

I was also thinking about creating a chat app, and I was imagining to have an AppendableData created for each conversation, a very basic one can be like this:
1- when someone wants to talk to you it first reads your “public profile” StructuredData found with your public ID
2- it can fetch from there the id of the “chat requests” AppendableData
3- it appends an invitation to that “chat requests” AD containing an ID for a “conversation” AD where he/she is expecting the messages to be sent, as well as it’s own “public profile” StructureData’s ID where you can verify the identity of the requester.
4- you then can accept the invitation by appending a first message to his/her “conversation” AD providing the ID of your “conversation” AD where you are willing to receive his/her messages for that conversation.


Just woke up and logged into the shared secretchat1 account:

always entertaining to see what people post in this chat :stuck_out_tongue:


#v0.0.2 released!
It’s live at the same link (safe://chat.wom5).


  • Ability to press Enter to send messages!! (give it a second, everything is a bit slower on this network)
  • Deleted lots of unnecessary code (Github link) so devs can pick it apart more easily.

Really feels more like an actual chat when you can just press Enter.

Enjoy! Log into the app anytime to see the random messages people post. Always gives me a laugh lol


YOU ARE MY HERO!!! @whiteoutmashups !!!

sorry i am extremely busy lately … that’s why i’m not that active at the forum right now … but i’m very positive that will change fairly soon again :slight_smile:

sooooo cool!



Very cool!

Thought it was something obscene for a moment then realized its a tree :evergreen_tree: :smiley:

How did you make new lines? < br> tag?

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:ok_hand: exactly :smiley:

(soooo cool you made the chat!)


Thx! I’m more excited to make a simple SAFE Twitter replacement once I figure out how

here’s another cool little message someone left:

On my windows surface and the fonts are loading correctly now, see? they weren’t on my Ubuntu.

Shame, i really like the fonts.

I think I’ll try putting all the css and font data straight into the index.html, because the beaker console tells me it’s a CORS error :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll try that


Nice work again Will!


hehe you saw a tree and I saw the mushroom cloud of a nuke… :slight_smile: great stuff you are doing with the messenger app.


“This could be your advertisement…”

I don’t think @Warren will like it. :confounded:



Lol this is why I love making apps,

So people can use them in all these crazy and interesting ways.

Can’t wait for more functionality to be made available (mobile, etc). Things will just get even more accessible and fun :smiley: