Second life err third life?

I am just brewing this idea in my mind… second life is like one of those plastic backyard sandboxes you can buy at Walmart; there might be a large number of variations on what you can do but eventually you hit limits. This will be more like the beach where there is infinity sand…

Does that make sense given the safe network could just scale up as there was more demand to store more/increasingly complex 3d objects and scripts?

Can I make money from this or will it be hard to “tax” the usage of a decentralized network?

Anyone out there that would be interested in helping develop this idea into actual code (something I don’t know a whole lot about)?.. preferably for shares of the finial profits, as I don’t have millions to put up to develop this idea. Of course I am considering the idea of a token that will get you resources in the final release like the safe team did.

General words of support or criticism of obstacles I might not have anticipated?


Obviously there is not infinite sand on any network, but the network is designed to be capable of being used by any number of users and have effectively any number of nodes. The addressing scheme uses 256 bits and that gives an effective infinite space for most applications.

As to make money – well that depends on your application and how you implement things. But yes you could create an app that makes money, maybe selling “in-app tokens or objects” and these things can have unique keys so that they may be the same function/looks yet still unique.

As to creating & storing more/increasingly complex objects, it will be only limited by your imagination and the earth’s supply of storage/bandwidth once SAFE is adopted by everyone.

What you are discussing is something that would live on top of the SAFE network. The Network is like the “Internet” in today’s terms. And the current “Web” runs on top of the “Internet”. Basically what you have asked about would be an APP that would run on top of the network. This means that as people use your APP, the APP is running on their computers interacting with the network layers that SAFE is.

I moved this topic to APPs since it is an app rather than a feature of the network

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thanks for the reply!

Yes I realize there would always be some upper limit but as long as the demand doesn’t spike all at once, I would think the demand would be followed by an increase in supply of storage space.

Yes I was thinking freemium is the way to go actually. Discourages people from just cloning a 100% freeware version cause you can make all the shit you want and actually participate in that economy and make money.

Ya I do understand that the part I am doing is making an interface to take advantage of the technology the safe network will provide.