SEC have made a ruling on ICOs

SEC have made a ruling on ICOs. I wonder how this will effect safecoin holders?

The following will have the biggest impact on USA people

The regulator is cautioning investors that offers and sales of “initial coin offerings” or “token sales” by “virtual” organizations using distributed ledger or blockchain technology are subject to the
requirements of the federal securities laws. Issuers of distributed ledger or blockchain technology-based securities must register offers and sales of such securities unless a valid exemption applies.
Participating in unregistered offerings may subject participants to civil or criminal enforcement proceedings.

I am unfamiliar with USA law etc, so I am unsure how they go after participating people. I would have thought they only went after the ones running the scheme.

For the rest of the world this ruling does not directly affect them

Done prior to the ruling so no issues I’d say. Don’t think there is any retrospective aspects to the ruling.

In any case the “ICO” for MAID was run outside of the USA afaik.

Safecoin is not involved in any “ICO” and simply a token that the network does not put any external value on it. Only people put value ($$$) on it and if they trade it then the law of the land may affect them when they cash out or trade on an exchange.

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