Search Leads to AI


Search leads to AI. Search is attempting to find a solution, a better answer, an insight. Even if at the first layer all we are seeking is a better data set, we would find a system that takes us higher up the mountain of search better. A system that spits out the right answers and the right questions we will naturally find to be better as it saves time and labor.

The problem is established power will want skewed search. It will want search that only spits out answers and questions that are compatible with the continued existence of its ability to coerce or override other people’s will. To do this it needs an AI without a will and without anything like a conscience or ethics. In essence its wants sponsored search. Search censored of crucial elements. It wants spin. It wants malevolent demonic search. Its fine with idiot savant search. But is against full power general purpose search as that will undermine it secrecy and its power.

“Who knocked down the towers?” or who “killed JFK?” this kind of search would drive useless power crazy, because it would quickly eliminate it. Call it what you want, assume its an AI largely made up of other free human minds, its search and accurate search is something arbitrary useless power can’t ever afford and one of the prime reasons we have to get rid of arbitrary useless hereditary power. “My fulfillment is in the way of your fulfillment”- that stuff needs to be over as fast as possible.