Screencast app for Ubuntu 20.04

Looking for recommendations for simple Screencast software so I can document my experiences with Baby Fleming and the upcoming T5

Tried kazam and it crashed - any of you got alternative suggestions?


Asciinema looks nice for recording terminal sessions. Could be useful for your need

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For terminal sessions, I tried a few including Asciicinema but I think the one I used in the end was Peek. Unfortunately I didn’t make notes about the ones I tried and rejected but here’s how simple Peek is to try (note, this is not for screencasts, but only for terminal sessions like the vdash recording on its readme).

sudo apt install peek
# Help
peek --help

To use
start peek from command line
align it over the area to record
click in the area to select it and do any input (e.g. start the app)
start recording
do stuff
stop recording

Aye that looks like it will work - might need stitching in anything I do with CLI2GUI but it will let us show setting up a basic baby-fleming and hopefully T5.
I’ll have time to get this down right for the launch.

PS please hold launch until after 1830 on Monday cos Im otherwise engaged :slight_smile:

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I’ve always used OBS (Open Broadcasting System). It works on mutliple platforms and is fairly versitle and reliable.

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by the way @Southside :


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