Scotland the nanny state

Great article about Scotland ( ).

Sadly most of the EU is like that. The place is going nowhere, fast.

Its not a great article. It sucks, and has to be full of inaccuracies just on its face. It sounds like the revenge of England for Scotland’s bold succession attempt. Does that sound nanny like? It is getting bashed in the media by the UK boss? Or is it the junk food association because Scotland doesn’t want them selling their drugs to children. These aren’t organic healthy snacks they are carcinogen laden stuff that full of what would probably otherwise be known as drugs that get children sick. Maybe the EU is starting to experience the same child diabetes epidemic that he US is most children with be graduating High school with diabetes. Nigeria has none Or maybe its the legendary Scott alcohol industry that is angry- but unlike the misleading article implies its a simple excise tax that most state use to control the consumption of an addictive product that has huge costs for the society. The speech laws are likely disturbing the peace rules. 4 months might have involved contempt.

The term “nanny state” isn’t used to talk about a socially prescriptive state but one that actually tries to see to its citizen’s welfare with support. What should it do burn or completely enslave its people, lock them in dungeon? I hate the term “nanny state” because its propaganda used to incite people against what will be their only means of support in a transition to an independent decentralized system. The business community would starve the people to death because they aren’t competitive with machines. It seems we’ve been in the “second machine age” for almost 50 years (my estimate, not supported by those who coined the term) but its picking up speed and when the denial is gone its going to be a ruthless fight, unless we get lucky and bold efforts like SAFE can diffuse it. The same idiots who talk about a “nanny state” aren’t any better at competing with machines than the people chide. Oh yeah, they’ve got marketable skills or title to property. Maybe some freak of maths might have a temporary place but these fool capitalist types are going in the blender too unless there is some solution. When these clowns are starving, dirty, nameless disease ridden and on the streets they will be begging for the highly imperfect state supports their frail human parents put together to take care of them if they ever needed it but their fat and coddled asses never understood need so there will be no parachute.

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So obviously the knowledge about that is out there, yet people can’t be trusted to make informed decisions by and for themselves.

Wer’re talking about children and in a case where the harm has been demonstrated.

You mean, orphans, i.e. parentless children?

Nah…rather a shit and very heavily politically skewed and mocking article for all the Capitalist free marketeers out there. . :smiley:
I’d be largely in agreement with most things the SNP are proposing…(as opposed to how the article spins what they are proposing). All very sensible. :wink:

No raising children is hard enough parents don’t have to tolerate an industry trying to exploit their children its a basic breach of the peace and its the type of behaviors that societies tend to have the least acceptance of. This is why tobacco marketing to children was rolled back.

That much I expected.

Protests in my home City yesterday…here’s what loads of us Mancunians think. :smiley: