"Scientists can now make lithium-ion batteries last a lifetime"

This is great news, hope they can implement is fast.

The discovery could lead to vastly longer lifespans for batteries in computers, smartphones, appliances, cars and spacecraft

Scientists can now make lithium-ion batteries last a lifetime


I wish reporters could say what the paper released said rather than change it.

Great news still, NO its terrific news The article says that just replacing the liquid electrolyte in super capacitors with the gel achieves great advances in cycling. Of course that is for the super capacitors, not the Li batteries in your phone, laptop, etc

200,000 cycles

capacitors (super) not Li batteries.

I noticed they use gold nanowires. Gold supply will run out before the LI they use :slight_smile:


Gold is already in your gadgets. Especially nanowires are small, you probably don’t need grams of them.

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I was simply thinking that the fear is that Li supply will run out because the super batteries still use Li. But by using Gold instead of carbon nano tubes for the supercapacitors then there is a finite amount of gold being used.

So with the reducing Li and increasing Gold used in the capacitors and considering that the supply of Li is many many times the supply of gold then I estimate that we would use up the spare gold in the world before we used up the Li. Even though the required gold is very small.

Also remember that just because they are nano tubes/wires and each wire uses micro grams, when you have a few million of them in a (set of) capacitors it still adds up.

Yea, a few microns thick if that. Its is layered on base metal (Cu) only a few atoms think.

0.015 grams (15 milli-grams) per phone on average. And sims metal extracts most of that back.

Nano wire cannot have the gold extracted so easily and the capacitor is likely to be striped of most metals then retained until the gold can be extracted economically

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This is an OMG moment.

Because you see those million mile motors in Tesla cars will now be backed by a battery that can keep up no changes. But you also see the other side is that this just stretched the worlds Lithium reserves by a huge amount!!!1 Now we just need the quick charge and that is coming to lithiums and other approaches like Stor Dot. It seems for Lithiums its as simple as a new charger standard. This should not surprise us because you know you can charge your lithium cells for game console controller in about 5 minutes now without much heat so its just the right wiring and the right charger to do this. Now if I understand this right in a garage or a trickle charger that boils down to a trickle charge about 3x the size of the charge you want to impart, 2/3 will stay in the charger battery but you don’t lose that charge you just top the difference. And since for day to day top offs you might need a tenth of a charge you’re not talking about a car sized battery for quick charges only maybe 3/10ths car sized battery, maybe a 30KW battery and another for the house cost shifting. If you have If you have two cars that you need to fast charge you might have 90KW for a whole house plus two cars but with a life time recycle and rapidly falling cost. This is fantastic news! Thank you. .


They are actually Li capacitors, so I expect quick charge already. They now have to get it out of the Lab to production

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I wondered and that is even bettter.

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