Science’s pirate queen

Article about Sci-Hub lawsuits. Interesting if you advocate government (public) funded research should not be behind a paywall.


This is very important stuff and hopefully something Safenet can help fix. But should this post be in the Related Projects category? @polpolrene or some moderator? I earlier moved @ElsieDee’s post RCK - Secure Donation Wallet to the Off-topic category. Did I do the right thing?

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Alexandra Elbakyan’s Sci-Hub project is to make information available to anybody on the internet. That seems like a related project to me, and was why I put it here. Sci-Hub will benefit from porting to SAFE when the time comes, which makes it even more related. :wink:


HI & thanks - I appreciate any help to promote the great work of the RCK. I am doing what I can to learn enough to make the secure donations wallet as easy to explain, and manage as is possible -so its been a real help recieving such good advice and I genuinely appreciate it.Thank you all for everything you are doing to help.

This is genuinely separate - but I really need to say - thank you for your intoiduction to this article. It was fascinating.

I’m aware of the fabian links with the LSE so its not a giant leap across the baltic sea to another state supporting academic pillar of the world wide academic establishment.

, I saw an alert with my name on it which I came to check on and whilst I can partly put this down to being too screen fried and overtired to type coherently I can admit to having had a mild panic during the article, which peaked …here_
Political theory provided new growth to her evolving Open Access philosophy. Communism, a model of go:vernment-less society in which resources and opportunity are metered out with equality and impartiality, has never been successfully implemented. Nevertheless, it was a particularly seductive concept to Elbakyan. The collective ideals of communism entwined for her with the ideals of the scientific method. After all, science depends on shared data. History’s greatest scientific discoveries have all been made and shared, as scientists often say, from atop the shoulders of giants: their scientific predecessors who shared their research. To Elbakyan, science thrives only when scientists shout their discoveries to everyone._

Actually it seems to me that things seemed to get messed up when genius scientists inadvertently share their revelations with everyone as there are always these annoying unscrupulous actors around who then go on to misappropriate them much to the horror of the good hearted sophist forever burdened by the act of creation itself. Its just another tail on the torture weapon annhilating people with their own consciences. Easy to kill inquiry off and have people so excited to be able to express themselves they dont see that mentioning dangerous ideas to dangerous people is a really really bad idea.

By the time applied neuroscience and the bases for pure communism connected things got mighty edgy for me. Here on brexit island we suffer from the historical context of the journey from the bedlam lunatic asylum all the way to the maudsley as a frame of reference
. And if you’re not wooed by their gradualist fast track to the creation of technocracy governed by psychopolitics…nothing with with the words ‘socialism or communism’ is ever going to make the shortlist again. It can go on the outake pile along with the national socialists in ww2 germany. Its literally been engineered to oppress.

I love sharing and caring but socialism and communism are destined to be totalitarian states with swishier names and gentler implementation strategies…Applied psychology and associated technology are not safe in the hands of people like that. It hasnt escaped my notice that the human givens crew started bending everyones arm to meditate - clear their channel, i mean await further broadcast. Just Keep quiet and shuffle on - the broadband got faster and the doctrine on adjustment and sanity got thicker - I know what they’re planning on filling into the vacated plot of these mindfulness infected victims and its not pretty.

. Ah.Gradualism. Like the silent que snaking round every lidls in the land from dawn to way after daylight. Its oppression by slow and stifling micro increments.
I love the concept of a sharing caring learning database and the spiritt of independence -but I already have ideological issues with applied psychology - neurobiology sitting too close to tech and the pesky fact that despotic controllers are already exerting too much influence to be trusted with genius revelations about the psychology of mind, advanced neuro imaging techniques or strategiically and externally implementable notions of collective conscious. That just sounds truly twisted. Its time to talk about ethics! IIts time to talk about logic! reasoning! the fact we’re being hypnotised by devices and having our neural pathways systematically hacked from right underneath our noses.

I’m loving the extent of the library just not some of the associated contents. neo communist global totalitarian disctatorships aren’t my idea of fun or easy reading… theyre old news anyway. Doesnt matter if they put a new sell by label on it I’ve already seen them take it out of the skip round the back… Ah well its on the way and we can all like it or fork off. - they say Its the proles job to stare endlessly into the digital abyss without protective eyeware, the plebs are still largely unaware the neural hack started with artificial electromagnetic broadcast and magnetic resonance many moons ago, but the self replicating elites know only too well that the pixels are more refracted than ever and a creepy digital hologram is being constructed behind the screen like a trial run for a big spiral trap that all those who truly enjoy the cobweb are destined for, Each to their own
.Personally I’m liking more questions about ethics and intentions and why covert actors manipulating events are only getting superfast broadband coverage and no real calling into account.
In immediate practical terms i’m attracted to the idea of signal resistant brainware. A tinfoil hat point 018 With safety goggles & a timer alert to reduce continuous activity, There cant ever be more blue light than sun light or the virtual balance literally tips. There are creepy actors inventing strange theories to support even stranger computer programmes designed to affect our synaptic responses. All those bubble crusher abominations are thumb trainers for text addicts. or drone controllers. or some such unpleasant application…
Anyway, typical tangential rant. But I want to know what would be the best material for protecting the brain from electromagnetic data whilst still allowing for a natural transmission - and are the waves really technically dependent on being at such a dull frequency? Does anyone have a picture of a 4G wave? I want to see a picture of a graph from transistor to 4g. I bet it looks a great deal denser and more like an electromagnetic kosh by the year.
Headgear and goggles. its the only way. :crazy_face:

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