Scan your brain into safe network

The year is 2028. The safecoins I saved are worth enough to store many times over my mind. So I pay some bitcoin to upload a copy of myself onto the network. Then I either put myself into suspended animation or have myself put in cryogenic suspension upon death. Retirement as a crpyto advocate complete.:sunglasses:


“We can rebuild him, but we don’t have enough servers” The safe network solving everyday problems

Could we upload into the safenetwork then redownload across to the other end of the world? like a really badly made teleporter


Yes eventually there would be synth bodies to rent while you lived within the matrix.




I know you said 2028 but I prefer to think this will be happening soon -



Yeah I am assuming that by 2028 the tech I need will have been around for awhile. It is the year 2028 that I will have many self sustaining crypto investments that surely get it done.

glad there’s some more kurzweil fans out there :slightly_smiling:

If anyone wants a cool future read, this is my Kurzweil Timeline infopic I made (got viral–1mil hits on day1–on reddit and I shamelessly self-promote it sometimes:)

unfortunately he seems to think the “uploading” part won’t be “perfected” until the end of the 2030’s, but he’s pushing 70 and is confident even he’ll “make it,” with other longevity tech coming out first, like epigenome silencing / activation or other “Bridge 2” technologies.

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Actually I am working on that:

by talking to these guys:

about setting up a high-res X-Ray brain scanning facility in Australia in the next five years and I DO intend to store the ~100TB per person on SAFE . .

I can help you with that too:




Funny you mentioned 100TB that is exactly the starting size of my safecoin farm.

Fantastic OST within the xchange film @mvanzyl. A lovely reminder!

Heard many stories of persons making these experiments, historically the human species has a fascination, or desire and drive towards maxing out exponential growth, that has been shared through oration, religious texts, and popular amongst scientists and experimental community groups such as biohacking and quantified self. Purpose to have found eternal youth, maintain power, status, or to extend pleasure further. This topic seems upon us now.

Why store your body? Just have a DNA sample and by the time you want to be revived there surely will be facilities to recreate your body at whatever age you wish (5th element style). That would save a whole lot of money trying to preserve and revive a body. A body that is damaged to some degree Vs a rebuilt body that is in essentially perfect condition.

To assure the continuation of my exact quantum state.

Because you are not just your neural connections, but your body too. We are a bodymind, an interconnected system, all interdependent, and the idea that you can resurrect “you” from just a brain map doesn’t make sense to me.

It would be interesting to see what happens, but there are already documented cases of people who have received heart transplants taking on personality changes attributed to the donor.