~~SBC Network?~~ NAT nightmares

My node in your latest testnet reported the same, but still got more than 3gb of data, so not sure that’s the issue?


I remember someone reporting a while back too.
I had 3 devices join yesterday.
Each with a separate static public ip.
None needed port forwarding to join.
All 3 showed up as
2 of them seemed way less active than the 3rd, just by looking at the logs 2 were chilling at the beach the other was running a marathon.
Fun( :rofl:) and games, and I are getting back in the ring today.

1 Like is not a public IP, Josh, your system appears to still be using private IP’s. When the network is set up correctly the last octet will be 50, 51, 52, 53 or 54, the ones you were talking to @neo about. As @neo suggested, you might need to go into the network settings and record the IPv4 properties manually. It’s not that hard, you should only need to:

  1. Change “Obtain an IP address automatically” to “Use the following IP address”
  2. In the IP box enter one of the IP’s given to you by your ISP (ending in 50, 51, 52, 53 or 54 ?)
  3. Enter the subnet mask. If it’s a /29 subnet then the mask will be Use the link below to find the mask for other subnets.
    Subnet Cheat Sheet – 24 Subnet Mask, 30, 26, 27, 29, and other IP Address CIDR Network References
  4. Enter the default gateway. This will probably be an IP address similar to the five provided to you, with the only difference being the last octet. Check documentation from ISP.
  5. Under “Use the following DNS server address” either enter the DNS servers recommended by your ISP or use and Those are Google public DNS servers and they should work for you.

You shouldn’t need anything else to set up a fixed IP address in your system. Did your ISP provide any documentation? When responding here on the forum, of course you don’t want to reveal the full public IP addresses you are using.


It was setup for that to be the case but the network was still seeing them as
Last night when I posted that I had changed everything again for the umpteenth time.

Changing the mangaged switch to unmanaged now and then I will try again.
Hopefully perseverance pays off, I’ll revert back follow your instructions and come back here.


You shouldn’t need a managed switch, that just allows you some control over ports on the switch and data frames. Question: Is this a new switch? If it is not, maybe some of the existing settings are interfering. Maybe try resetting it? Your network might be expecting the switch’s IP address to be on the same subnet as the rest of your network also. Best to use an unmanaged one unless you’re dealing with VLAN’s, Quality of Service, bandwidth rate limiting, port mirroring or other esoteric services on your network. To simplify things, you could just plug your device directly into the router at first to get things going.


As a simple guide for simple folks, what are the various combinations, what should people try and in what order to join with a node, in a flowchart style?

I’m thinking:

Cloud VM node
safe node join --network-name NETWORK_NAME --skip-auto-port-forwarding
/// Should ‘just work’ unless the network is not accepting joins or there are problems on the network side

Home node
safe node join --network-name NETWORK_NAME --skip-auto-port-forwarding

If that fails:
safe node join --network-name NETWORK_NAME --public-addr PUBLIC_ADDR:12000 --skip-auto-port-forwarding

/// Get public IP address PUBLIC_ADDR from ipconfig (Windows) ifconfig or iwconfig (Linux, Mac), use port 12000

If that fails:
safe node join --network-name NETWORK_NAME --public-addr PUBLIC_ADDR:12000 --skip-auto-port-forwarding
/// Setup port-forwarding on your router using port 12000

If that fails:
Try home node with a VPN going through first 2 steps.

If that fails:
Your setup is conspiring against you. Try changing ISP contract to get a static domain, investigate switches etc as above :point_up_2:

About right?


The standard steps look reasonable.

I think I am way in the weeds here, possibly/probably unnecessarily.
Remains to be seen when/if/how Maidsafe block NAT or not.

rock64@one:~$ /sbin/ifconfig
eth0: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST>  mtu 1500
        inet xx.xxx.xx.51  netmask  broadcast xx.xxx.67.255
        inet6 fe80::c816:9ff:fe6b:80f7  prefixlen 64  scopeid 0x20<link>
        ether ca:16:09:6b:80:f7  txqueuelen 1000  (Ethernet)

alright but now

rock64@one:~$ ping google.com
PING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
From one (xx.xxx.xx.51) icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable

son of a gun!

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Just a thought, try changing the nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf to

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Should I reboot after this or apply somehow?

rock64@one:~$ ping google.com
ping: google.com: Temporary failure in name resolution

Hmm looks like it didn’t work. You don’t need to reboot, but if you do it will probably just switch it back again.

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Your router might be requiring you to use the ISP’s listed DNS servers. Did you program the netmask setting of Doesn’t seem right.

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no, but that is what the ISP supplied. yes. :innocent:

I had /24 changed to /29 and…

ping google.com
PING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from wv-in-f100.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=103 time=55.7 ms
64 bytes from wv-in-f100.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=103 time=53.3 ms
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Thanks for all the help so far, :clap: still haunts me.

when I sign into my SBC I am greeted with:
IP address for eth0: xx.xxx.67.51

curl ifconfig.co gives me:

/sbin/ifconfig shows:
inet xx.xxx.67.51 netmask broadcast xx.xxx.67.55

the network sees me as:
Node PID: 3107, prefix: Prefix(), name: 87efea(10000111).., age: 5, connection info: ""

Perhaps this is merely intended obfuscation of your IP address by SAFE? Someone more versed on the intricacies of SAFE might be able to help here.


Where are you seeing ? is that coming from a log on your laptop or somewhere else? The reason I’m asking is that quite often means the application is listening to all IP addresses on your server/laptop/etc. on that port - so you’re basically running node software that’s listening for connections coming from any interface (eth0 / lo0, etc.). I was wondering if that’s generally node behaviour when you don’t specify an IP address at node join time?

Apologies if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick - just skim read.

Once accepted as a node you receive the following, PID, Section, age, name and connection info: IP:port, this is where I see it.

Node PID: 3107, prefix: Prefix(), name: 87efea(10000111).., age: 5, connection info: ""

You may be on to something but off the top of my head joining from a cloud instance with the same command node join --network-name the zero situation does not occur.

I will try with node join --network-name --public-addr and see if it resolves the issue.

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Not in my experience, this was a cloud instance:

What did your starting nodes report when they joyned?
I’m inclined to think:

But that’s for someone @maidsafe to confirm

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Well, I’ll be damned,

node-4___165.227.238.167/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T225018:[2023-01-26T21:34:52.530367Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] 4a0ddc.. Starting a new node (PID: 2226) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-4___165.227.238.167/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T225018:[2023-01-26T21:34:53.217973Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2226, prefix: Prefix(), name: 4a0ddc(01001010).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-15___188.166.144.83/logs/sn_node.log.20230128T144413:[2023-01-28T14:41:24.526103Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] 28d112.. Starting a new node (PID: 7663) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-15___188.166.144.83/logs/sn_node.log.20230128T144413:[2023-01-28T14:43:24.539150Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] 86e682.. Starting a new node (PID: 7663) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-15___188.166.144.83/logs/sn_node.log.20230128T144413:[2023-01-28T14:43:26.691245Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 7663, prefix: Prefix(), name: 86e682(10000110).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-6___134.209.190.108/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T223804:[2023-01-26T21:34:30.220794Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] be1b55.. Starting a new node (PID: 2000) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-6___134.209.190.108/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T223804:[2023-01-26T21:34:30.598774Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2000, prefix: Prefix(), name: be1b55(10111110).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-6___134.209.190.108/logs/sn_node.log.20230127T205449:[2023-01-27T20:52:33.865380Z ERROR sn_node::node::messaging::streams] Could not send response MsgId(cc2b..24a0) to peer Peer { name: 608d93(01100000).., addr: } over response initiator Bidirectional stream 4@ StreamLost(Stopped(0))
node-14___139.59.180.171/logs/sn_node.log.20230128T144208:[2023-01-28T14:41:04.488653Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] 9ddbb1.. Starting a new node (PID: 2225) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-14___139.59.180.171/logs/sn_node.log.20230128T144208:[2023-01-28T14:41:12.708640Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2225, prefix: Prefix(), name: 9ddbb1(10011101).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-5___159.65.22.157/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T230940:[2023-01-26T21:34:56.449184Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] e58169.. Starting a new node (PID: 2222) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-5___159.65.22.157/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T230940:[2023-01-26T21:34:57.140505Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2222, prefix: Prefix(), name: e58169(11100101).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-10___178.62.97.163/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T230657:[2023-01-26T21:34:53.063872Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] c4a39b.. Starting a new node (PID: 2859) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-10___178.62.97.163/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T230657:[2023-01-26T21:34:53.826975Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2859, prefix: Prefix(), name: c4a39b(11000100).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-16___139.59.191.227/logs/sn_node.log.20230128T144217:[2023-01-28T14:41:26.441088Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] abd256.. Starting a new node (PID: 2405) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-16___139.59.191.227/logs/sn_node.log.20230128T144217:[2023-01-28T14:41:37.394900Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2405, prefix: Prefix(), name: abd256(10101011).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-8___144.126.200.241/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T223804:[2023-01-26T21:34:49.441162Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] 099047.. Starting a new node (PID: 2234) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-8___144.126.200.241/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T223804:[2023-01-26T21:34:50.086690Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2234, prefix: Prefix(), name: 099047(00001001).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-7___165.227.231.36/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T230718:[2023-01-26T21:34:54.419253Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] 5511ed.. Starting a new node (PID: 2394) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-7___165.227.231.36/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T230718:[2023-01-26T21:34:55.429282Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2394, prefix: Prefix(), name: 5511ed(01010101).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-3___178.62.99.199/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T224229:[2023-01-26T21:34:34.519344Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] e0563b.. Starting a new node (PID: 2011) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-3___178.62.99.199/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T224229:[2023-01-26T21:34:35.062648Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2011, prefix: Prefix(), name: e0563b(11100000).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-1___206.189.27.71/logs/sn_node.log.20230127T213458:[2023-01-27T21:33:56.731868Z ERROR sn_node::node::messaging::streams] Could not send response MsgId(e9f9..5b3c) to peer Peer { name: a9e789(10101001).., addr: } over response initiator Bidirectional stream 2@ StreamLost(Stopped(0))
node-1___206.189.27.71/logs/sn_node.log.20230127T213458:[2023-01-27T21:33:57.435081Z ERROR sn_node::node::messaging::streams] Could not send response MsgId(d861..25b5) to peer Peer { name: a9e789(10101001).., addr: } over response initiator Bidirectional stream 0@ StreamLost(Stopped(0))
node-13___139.59.184.216/logs/sn_node.log.20230128T144149:[2023-01-28T14:41:00.989445Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] 0914b2.. Starting a new node (PID: 2229) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-13___139.59.184.216/logs/sn_node.log.20230128T144149:[2023-01-28T14:41:03.195432Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2229, prefix: Prefix(), name: 0914b2(00001001).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-9___144.126.196.92/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T230934:[2023-01-26T21:34:56.551074Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] 4109dc.. Starting a new node (PID: 2230) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-9___144.126.196.92/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T230934:[2023-01-26T21:36:56.603786Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] 3559b3.. Starting a new node (PID: 2230) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-9___144.126.196.92/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T230934:[2023-01-26T21:36:57.886561Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2230, prefix: Prefix(), name: 3559b3(00110101).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-12___167.71.133.194/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T231100:[2023-01-26T21:35:10.232435Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] dc5f83.. Starting a new node (PID: 2414) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-12___167.71.133.194/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T231100:[2023-01-26T21:35:14.564193Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2414, prefix: Prefix(), name: dc5f83(11011100).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-2___178.62.88.236/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T225052:[2023-01-26T21:34:52.235864Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] 236bcb.. Starting a new node (PID: 2849) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-2___178.62.88.236/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T225052:[2023-01-26T21:34:52.805575Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2849, prefix: Prefix(), name: 236bcb(00100011).., age: 5, connection info: ""
node-11___167.71.131.59/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T223805:[2023-01-26T21:34:51.609268Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] 839040.. Starting a new node (PID: 2854) with socket:, network's genesis key: PublicKey(05e0..2e20)
node-11___167.71.131.59/logs/sn_node.log.20230126T223805:[2023-01-26T21:34:52.526112Z INFO sn_node::node::node_starter] Node PID: 2854, prefix: Prefix(), name: 839040(10000011).., age: 5, connection info: ""

Here we go, so that’s not a valid condition to verify whether your set-up is correct

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