Saw this on the underground

There was a time where people would question investment in crypto a time when it was alien, but it’s been drip drip dripping in to the public mind. Crypto users and investors are still a tiny fraction of the global population. There is still so much room for growth. I can’t wait to see SAFE coin on adverts like this.


I think eToro must have maid a lot of money over the last few years in relation to crypto, they’re really going heavy on Youtube with long ads that (in my experience) don’t seem to disappear when you click skip!

BUT they are offering a cfd.
it’s paper not crypto.
They are the custodian. You don’t have the private keys.
So it is the opposite of what crypto are here for in the first place.

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I think the point is that even using the word crypto and crypto markets in advertising is a major step forward in the continuing expansion of the crypto coin world. And on public transport.