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If marketing is now the domain of the community I want to address something we should consider… In crypto there are just not enough girls! It’s getting better, but I went to a meetup about 5 years ago with like 80-100 people in the room and only saw 2 women all night. Now maybe that’s just random luck crypto went that way, and we will find this is actually Peach Net.

I think the first step is to ask why that is the case. I have theories but I think I want to just throw the question out there for now and see what other peoples theories are. Hopefully its something we can identify and attack by tailoring some of our marketing efforts to address it.

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Why does sex matter. I get what you are saying but if we can bring 1000 new people to the project tomorrow and it’s all men is that less of a result than if it were a 50/50 split.
I am pretty confident based on nothing but my own assumptions that as the network grows there will be a turning point.

To me targeting geographic regions is more important than gender.


I’m the same I’ve never understood why people feel the need to attract different genders into certain industries or jobs.

As shocking as it may be to some men and women are different, they like different things.

In apparently the most gender neutral country on the planet nursing is still almost exclusively filled by women and mechanical engineering almost all by men.


if we are bringing in 1000 men only I would say ok that’s great but looks like we are also missing out on half the population and could be brining in 2000. And I mean I am not some women’s studies major that wants to make it into a whole revolution. I just want to approach it from the business perspective and ask how can we get these extra users.

@goindeep I actually share your view that men and women are fundamentally different and its not like we need more male nurses just so it’s even. If that is the case then there is our cause of the discrepancy. How can we make marking that targets the differences between male a female psychology that evolution has provided us?


That’s a good point too and I too have thought about it.

I think once the network goes live the photo, video and audio apps will be great for women.

My wife lost all the photos and videos on her phone not to long ago after an event, wouldn’t it have been great if she uploaded all her photos and videos of our kids to a private cloud network safe and secure forever? Hmmnm


I get that and my thoughts on gender has nothing to do with being PC.
Along the lines of what @goindeep says I think when the network starts filling up with apps and content it will attract different demographics. Right now we need developers… all boys, all girls, all transgender, I dont care.


@goindeep ya women are definitely more family oriented in my experience. Maybe a good pitch to them is how this protects your irreplaceable family stuff. Photos might just be the tip of the iceburg in that regard.

@Josh Right so that’s why I am not saying lets turn anyone away just to make the ratio even. I think that is absolutely silly when companies fix the issue by just being more prone to turn down a male. What I want to see is us reach out to any demographic that it seems our marking is not hitting.

To me the gender gap is the most obvious bias in crypto. Of course this isn’t crypto so it might be different and we really don’t know yet. I think when you are marketing though, often you have to ask hey is this a commercial primarily aimed at men or women. I think we should make sure at least some of our efforts are focused on people of the female persuasion!


I don’t think there are any gender barriers in this community.


we can wait and see in the interest of science. Or we can just make sure we take the effort to be inviting to women and never know if that caused it or they would have just came anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Are we talking about the adoption of the network or about developers?
I don’t see any potential barrier for anyone to adopt the network, this project is being catered to both power users with the CLI and casual users with its UX.

There is ample space for those who wants to run their own private datacenter and those who want to use it to store cat videos.

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To me this is about making sure we consider all key demographics when designing the apps as well as in the marketing. We just don’t want to miss out on potential users by not covering all bases.

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really just talking about adoption I think. Maybe a bit of both. Just sayin if I went to a SAFE network meetup I hope there are at least a few women there. If they are developers or not isn’t really the issue.

I agree there is gonna be something for everyone on here. That’s always nice as a salesperson to believe the product you are holding genuinely has real value to your potential customers. I don’t think there is any problem there. The issue is getting the word out and getting those deals done.

Maybe the right approach is not to ask why women didn’t jump at crypto. Maybe the question to ask is what features of the SAFE network will they really like and make sure to spend some marketing time telling them about it.

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Honestly I think women will dig this network and they will be the main drivers of adoption, but what matters is not the network in itself but the use cases, and that will depend on the apps available for them.


there is the product side but I don’t think that’s the whole story. Crypto is just as useful to women that want to store value or do some trading. For some reason my mom wasn’t like ohhh I heard of this new cryptocurrency thing though :stuck_out_tongue: Well I feel like if my mom is on the SAFE network we are like all rich because its truly mainstream at that point haha. Anyways all I am saying is if women like cat pics then we should advertise on the socials the latest and greatest catpic storing mechanism and target the ads to their demographic.


The grandma test and the taxi driver test are quite useful.
The grandma test is that if even your grandma finds it intuitive to use, the UX is a success.

Oh, and the taxi driver test is that if you hear a taxi driver give you investments advices regarding to what crypto to buy, it is time to dump it all. It means we are in a bubble.


Being just as practical as men but in their own womanly ways, most would likely appreciate a network wide shopping cart, being able to query the relationship between social profiles and other data, being able to easily manage a published piece of content between multiple platforms (apps), etc etc.

It’s the apps and the extended functionality that SAFE enables that will attract them. Beyond that I think traditional marketing that targets any desired demographic will be necessary to draw their attention. Word of mouth can go a long ways too of course.


I do.

When society has been rejecting women for certain arenas by saying its for men, then an active drive for attracting women is needed. For instance engineering. When I did engineering many moons ago it was 3 in 400. This year at the same Uni it is 35% of 1000.

That was because of actively attracting women who do make good engineers contrary to popular belief.

But in general now-a-days there is much less a need for this in computing and related tech.

So for crypto, it just means that the tech is not attractive to women and since there is no determent to society for this then there is no need to specifically attract women.

For SAFE though, as others said, there will be a tipping point where APPs attract people of all sorts and the participation will be according to the interests of the person. Not gender and in general we will see an evening up within most societal divisions.


I am speculating a bit here but I think men are more likely to find APPs that are useful, not because there are more for them necessarily, but because men are just more likely to search them out … it’s like go hunt and discover something useful is what we are for. Women on average are more risk averse due to evolution preferring they watch the kids and not go hunt mastodons with the guys. That’s why I think we had a big gender discrepancy in crypto. It was true uncharted territory and (on average) men are more likely to go see if there is something good over there (or death lol.) I think we might see a bit of the same with the SAFE network. We will have the products there, but some won’t get discovered just by virtue of being awesome. Enter marketing. That’s where we say hey look there IS something good over here waiting for you and your invited.

Do you realize women only joined the computer revolution in mass, when there was Facebook? Orkut , here in Brazil? Before that we , men, were considered by them as being retarded because of Doom and Emails…?

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I dated a indie writer girl a not long time ago and she liked the idea of the network, because she is currently locked in the Amazon ecosystem. Being able to sell without a middleman will be a big step for all influencers…