Saudi Arabia announces its divesting its oil for the post oil period

This is interesting as it wants to divest its oil and come up with a 2 trillion dollar fund. Remember the Paris accords talk of 31 trillion of oil in the ground of which 21 trillion will remain in the ground. So this puts Saudi oil in context. Maybe they have less than 2 trillion left in the ground.

The article is kind of dumb in the fascist sense in that it uses stupid phrases like “government hand outs,” and “economic reforms.” But aside from that the intent is interesting. It also shows that there doesn’t seem to be any way Saudi Arabia will get an oil slowdown and real or stable price increase and they seem to be lamenting Iran’s production and maybe this creates more of issue for them than the nukes and may be what is behind their complaining about Iran. Ahmadinejad said he would sink the US’s global oil scam