Satoshi Nakamoto unmasked (again)

Maybe for real this time? You be the judge!

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They already have a judge :slight_smile: The gov thugs are already on it…
(By the way to me the biggest question isn’t if this guy is Satoshi, but how the muck can one be so stupid to tip the media parasites with info that could lead to Satoshi. Morons.)

Niiiice. fellow Aussie too.

I think this might have been the original Wired article

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The ATO - Australian Tax Office is all over this satoshi - Dr. Wright - that’s what the police raid was all about apparently.

I’ve read a few articles on this and it’s hard to say if “satoshi” was a team effort with the American in florida or if it was all the work of the guy in florida (now deceased). Unless Dr. Wright comes forward with documentation or there is some solid linking of satoshi’s bitcoin accounts to one or both of these guys, then we’ll have to keep guessing.

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So we all buying shares in DeMorgan Ltd?

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He talked at a convention. Nobody really knew him. Someone made an edit with all his input. He is asked about who he is and when he got involved in Bitcoin. His answer is quite a hint if he indeed seems to be the real Satoshi.

Here’s the orginal:


He’s definitely the guy. You could see how frustrated he was at certain points, a frustration only a mad scientist has when he see his peers dont understand his creation and also I noticed he was talking about SAFE style tech at the end of the first video.

Yeah, I know right… tax reasons, suuuuure.

Nice @polpolrene!

Anyone know the details of what, where when those were recorded?

Edit: event was October 2015 (acc. to article by @kashhill). @polpolrene says (below) it was November!

Craig Wright talks as if he designed it (or was involved with the person who did) for a purpose that others haven’t fully understood. I guess Dave Kleiman was instrumental - very sad what happened to him


Here is his company website DeMorgan Ltd. Plenty here to dig into for anyone interested. It lists several companies in the group and has open sourced some stuff I’ve not looked into.

His bio there says he’s been Executive VP of UK Centre for Strategic Cyberspace and Security Science in London since 2012 (a think tank - so maybe really a vehicle he is behind).

Anyway, if he’s part of that it goes somewhat against any egalitarian ideas - being very much in the middle of government service in cyber security and hacking and some strong views on Russian hackers - anyway, he seems very different from David Irvine, and anything I’ve imagined about Nakamoto. My wild speculation is that is he made a big pile of money from early bitcoin mining and has used that to develop this portfolio of companies, and that for one reason or another, he now wants a high public profile. (@kashhill - earlier link - suggests strongly he has outed himself as Nakamoto).

Update: the more I read his company website the less he sounds like he could be integral to the invention of bitcoin. Lots of papers on deep technical stuff (CompSec, forensics etc.) though 2011, 2012, a couple of book chapters too - not one about cryptocurrency, let alone bitcoin. His blog has one recent (Oct 2015) post, which is a simple one about bitcoin and contracts - I could have written it. I’m not saying he’s not involved in cryptocurrency - clearly he is - but it doesn’t look like he’s living and breathing it for years as one would expect.

Maybe coincidence, but in May 2015, his company got a massive tax rebate (AUS $54m).

All this might be related to that, and him realising the tax authorities were into him - that was referred to in some of the (rather odd) documents passed to Wired and Gizmodo. I think this is a fraud we’ve been had! :smile:


The video is from November. Funny thing to notice that Nick Szabo is there as well. He has some fingers pointing to him for being Satoshi as well. He’s was writing about smart contracts in the 90’s and is now involved with Ethereum. He’s arguing against Craig Wright that Bitcoin has a turing complete scripting language build in. Nick Szabo says it doesn’t but Craig says it does. He indeed keeps saying that people misunderstand the opportunities of Bitcoin and that transactions could be used as contracts when they’re done both ways at the same time. So if he indeed is Satoshi he was on a Bitcoin conference with some very smart people who didn’t know him and at the same time don’t understand his invention for the full part. Quite bizarre. I hope he comes clear about being Satoshi or not. He also says in the video that they’re working on some new papers. If he indeed is Satoshi (probably with some help as well) I’m quite curious to read what he has in mind.

He is indeed talking about some SAFE style tech as well like @goindeep noticed. Quite an amazing story.

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What is that thing running in the window behind him!! That looks like whole brain emulation stuff. Its to the right of his head in the beginning. Sure Frankenstein box didn’t write it?

Ha, this is a feeling that I have as well. But it’s a feeling :wink: Of course we expect Satoshi to be a very humble guy, in love with Open Source. But why not an entrepreneur with a bit of an ego? Or maybe that bit of ego we see in the video (we’re number 15 on the top 500 supercomputers) is because he actually is Satoshi! Maybe he enjoyed being the mastermind behind it all while nobody had a clue.

So a part of me says: nope, it’s not him. But indeed he might be there from the beginning with a financial perspective.
Another part says: Yes, he could be the one. But I’m surprised he kept quiet for so long. He seems to have a mindset of creating companies and solving problems. These hundreds of millions could be a great help as an investment.

Another interesting thing in his talk is about what he thinks banks don’t get. He says that everything that’s limited and wanted has value. And again the fact that he points out that a lot of people don’t really get the technology. He even says it to folks who are quite deep in the blockchain world.

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Did you see him as having an inflated ego? Personally I didn’t. You have to remember this guy is super mega rich and powerful. He is playing with technologies we could only dream of. I think he did a great job at even just attempting to be humble. Many people in his situation would lose touch completely.

He kind of reminded as someone who might have aspergers or is autistic or something.

He also makes several references to his group or his small group. I think he might also be connected to Anonymous and i was thinking maybe even that whole Cicada thing but Cicada is a different beast altogether, it gives me more of an NSA feel or something a little more sinister.

This is the first time i feel the press may be right. From the little bit of research i have done, I think dr wright could well have been involved with bitcoin from the very beginning. I have always said bitcoin would have been invented by a secret TEAM of academic researchers.

Weather or not Dr Wright was the driving influence is yet to be discovered. I have heard a lot of criticism of this guys ego, however we have to bear in mind satoshi nakamoto will never live up to our expectations of what we think he/she/they should be. All that put aside, this guy has one of the top super computers in the world, if he does turn out to be who a lot of people suspect he may be then we all know that he is best described as a genius rather than egotistical.

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The impression I got was Dr Wright is not Satoshi. I have not been involved with bitcoin and have not even consider who Satoshi is. The impression I get is that the bitcoin world is seeking out its creator here and there and everywhere and is willing to latch onto anything sounding promising.

What Dr Wright did say he has researched bitcoin protocol and knows its possibilities. I studied Forth as a language and even wrote an forth machine, it was the big promising thing in the 70’s and never quite took off. But after hearing that bitcoin uses a forth type language to implement its scripts, I can totally see what he was saying. When you know forth, its not a major leap to see what he was saying. In other words its doesn’t take a DR to see the blockchain is being used for digging dirt when it could be manufacturing.

His knowledge of bitcoin fits in with his research portfolio and does not imply the creation of or involvement in the creation of the protocol. Just like I can describe the inner workings of a microprocessor at the atomic level, in no way implies that I had any involvement in their research/creation.

My view is people are clutching at straws.


You make a fair point about clutching at straws and you could well be right. However I do suspect he was involved. Even if he is, who people think he is, I am sure he will never admit it at this point. If he did directly imply his involvement in the creation of the bitcoin protocol then for me would make the story less likely to be true. I think out of all the the accused sotoshi suspects so far, he is by far the most likely to be involved from a research perspective. When sostoshi disappeared in 2010 after saying he was moving on to work on other things, and dr wright has developed a top 20 supercomputer in that period of time connects the dots for me in terms of securing his invention from potential super computer attacks. I’m guessing building a top level supercomputer would be a logical next step for someone who wants to protect and secure both the project and his huge holding in bitcoin.

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Looks to me like it was a self instigated hoax. Backdated PGP keys. Blog revisions to make himself look the part etc…

Quick way garner a lot of celebrity in a hurry though. And he can still say “Not me” and join the ranks of Szabo…

If Satoshi wants to be made known it would be easy enough to do…


Nitpicking here :smile:
By that logic there are 19 other people who fit that bill. Someone is in charge of developing a supercomputer and since the top 20 are going to be less than 5 years old it seems reasonable all 19 lead research people fit that criteria. And others involved too?. What of the huge number of research projects that started in 2010 working on crypto, or parallel processing, or quantum processing. Any one of those projects could have the person fit the bill.

All you have is a DR who did bitcoin mining early on (likely to have made some money too), understands the potential of the protocol (not hard for a researcher) and is willing to talk about bitcoin and being a terrific researcher.


I admit i could be clutching at straws to some extent. To address your point Dr wright said his computer is the only private super computer in the top 100. I have no evidence to suggest this is true however if it is then he is the only one who could fit the bill more so than the other 19 lead researchers. He also said that his super computer is used for modeling the bitcoin network. I’m not sure if any of the other top 20 super computers have any interest in bitcoin. I’m guessing not. I really do need to research more before jumping to conclusions here. Please do correct me if im wrong.

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