SanFran Safe Pod (SF) -- Meetups, etc!



Wore my new SAFE Network shirt downtown today, got recognized twice!

This outreach is gonna be fun!


I’m involved with a burning man group downtown, made up of mechanical engineers and software engineers, so we had a build day today and afterwards I got them to try some SAFE Network apps.

Most are embedded systems devs so we went over @bochaco’s IoT library and they thought it was awesome.

Really hope to see some stuff from these guys! Will keep pushing it!


I know we’re not one to push for big speaking opportunities, but I thought I’d post this because it’s right downtown (SF) Oct and it’s only $399, might be even less if you sign up as a speaker / presenter, and we have @hunterlester and myself here these days so I just thought I’d post this and gauge for any reactions. Will continue posting opportunities, doesn’t hurt to know / share potential opportunities.


Who is not pushing? Why? Every opportunity to put out the word on Safenet is a good opportunity. Why would you not submit to be a speaker? Paige @ioptio was speaking at many events. No reason why @maidsafe wouldnt be interested in this and $399 is peanuts. Profile the attendees and you’ll make a case.


I’ll be here tomorrow, the bitcoin meetup is massive, many thousands of people.

Very excited to give out SF Pod USBs and materials, and wear my newest white MaidSafe shirt from HK. Going to be a great event


Photo dump of today. Looking at many potential locations for the official SF Pod office / HQ :slight_smile:

My favorite so far is that “Bespoke” one its right in the heart of the city, in the giant Westfield Mall, only $395/mo and awesome location to many many many (did I say many?) Dev groups and tech meetups. Office rooms for having SAFE coaching is included :smiley:

Scheduling a tour for tomorrow or the day after. Also saw 3 other cworking spaces today, but weren’t what we’re looking for.

Finishing off the day by going to a python meetup, will bring up PySAFE etc :wink:

And don’t worry, I have many of these shirts, so it’s not the same one in all these pics haha


Came up with an interesting idea so I decided to draw it up

I would totally rock that hat :stuck_out_tongue:


Fun, but could have repercussions and may be USA centred :wink:


that was the main point. But yes I agree, need to be careful not to send the wrong message


Hmm, IDK… It could be YUGE :ok_hand: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :ok_hand:

We definitely need trump emoji’s. What a clown! :joy:




The SAFE Network SF Pod now has a great new camera! Expect our Tuesday Meetup to have total audio / video coverage, thanks to our new HD Canon Powershot, new microphone, and both desk and floor tripods.

Will be a great event, close to 40 people RSVP’d as seen above and there’s still 2 entire days left for people to RSVP, and more unregistered guests are expected to arrive at the door, at the coder college campus.

Very excited for such a large event, and great kickstart to the MaidSafe Asia App Competitions! Let’s go!


We hope you have a successful event, good luck @whiteoutmashups in San Francisco


42 College Collage

with @hunterlester


SF Pod Event #2 Teaser Video

@nicklambert and the big video is on the way


Created a Facebook Group for our App Competitions and developer support. Join!

Banner I’m working on :smiley: :

Sponsored by MaidSafe Asia

Join, @Joseph_Meagher, and anyone else looking to compete for the prize pool each month!


Presentation Video

@nicklambert @hunterlester Was a great second event. We still have things to learn about the camera, presentational skills, what topics to focus on, but this second event was very very well received despite not being perfect just yet.

Had over an hour of excited questions after I finished my Prezi, and many people came up to me and @hunterlester after even that, so we didn’t leave until around 11 (got there at 5:30).

Was a great crowd, many programmers, and we have been welcomes back for more events. The App Contest got many students excited, and several have been plotting their submissions on our new Facebook group support page for it.

Much to learn, but making great progress, all together.

Please watch it all and give your feedback! Always looking to improve, so we can be of better service to MaidSafe and the SAFE Network.


Great stuff Will & Hunter. Well done guys. :slight_smile: