Sanders: "I think we know who ISIS is"

This is hilarious. It seems Sanders may have just linked ISIS to Shillery and her Neocon masters. CNN tried to spin it with surveillance prattle to keep on their hired message but then even they questioned what he meant because we are supposed to pretend that the super bloated intelligence apparatus is puzzled about the identity of these people. Imagine if Sanders had said in the early W. years: I think we know who is behind Al Qaeda.

Instead Sanders says Obama is stopping them now. And in terms of keeping Hillary from being elected and thereby further complicating the path to invading Iran, this period is anything but lame duck for Obama its probably his most important, he needs to thwart their BS and get enough goods on them to halt their momentum. If they can be stopped for another 4 years their petrol basis can be completely undermined and they can be made irrelevant and swept into the dust bin of history. They are fighting for the life of their movement. Remember possibly the most important part of the Republican conventions were Trump placing the blame for 911 on Bush and saying Bush did everything but keep us safe. Its the same kind of thing. This calls out their BS. Obama has to survive his term and not let them turn him into a casualty they can blame on their ready made bogey man. Its funny how all that is required to remove these people is the truth and it coming out, but it does risk stability. The truth or at least the absence of misrepresentation can literally be used against them.