Sander's 12 Steps Forward, best plan since New Deal

All the time we hear this know nothing whining in the rightwing media that complains we should flogg ourselves ouselves more and without limit.

Sanders wants to take us toward the models from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We were once much closer to those models and those countries were much truer to those models. And those models were the literal highpoint in the history of the world, not by a little but by a lot and by every measure. Japan hit some high points but it too is socialized. We know what doesnt work and its almost everything the right has ever wanted.

Screw the DJIA and the GNP, we need a system that puts the direct interests of the average citizen and the planet above all else.

Fair criticism of Sanders

A lot of errors i.e., F35 cost at “$1,400,000,000,000,” but interesting. Bernie has some baggage, but less than anyone else. 20 trillion on anti poverty since the new deal, its a drop in the bucket and not even the minimum cost of doing business.