Safex random comments and speculation thread


Yes but not as shit fight. You have simply repeated one person’s word, and do not know the real history, nor do I. You cannot get the real answer from others who also don’t know

You quote people as owners and were wrong, so how much of the other information is wrong?


I request that you refrain from vulgar language.

Discussion (of this SAFE app) is the best way to figure that out.


That certainly strengthens the above-mentioned link.

What interpretation of the link does it strengthen? And what are the implications of that interpretation?


In my original post, I referenced a link between this forum and Infinity Algorithms and Daniel Dubek by association. @neo said:

Meaning Daniel Dubek may own the domain name of this forum. That strengthens the above-referenced link.


And what would be the consequence of him owning the domain name?


Here is a history of the forum (look at bottom of the Welcome Post)

The ownership of the domain name only affects the method to get to the forum and does not denote any ownership of the forum nor administration of the forum.

Problems (Perceived or Real) are best directed to the SAFEx people. Any support from tweets is based on previous information and if there is new information that affects this then it will become apparent. But at this time it is unclear what is happening and we’ve only seen a Kangaroo Court approach to the problems at SAFEx


Discussion about SAFEX are taking place on

I’m an investor of SAFEX and still believe in the project, that’s why I keep my coins. I’ve pm Daniel to focus on the SAFE Network, because it’s the best possible option.

It’s best to just let Daniel code instead of bombarding him with questions. He’s young, he’s bright (imho needs to be patient when it comes to the SAFE Network (but I’m a old man :stuck_out_tongue:)) and I don’t think anybody would risk their reputation to not be a part of this innovative tech that’s almost in our reach. All he can do is waste time, to not stick to the SAFE Network road, but please stop the harassment because transparency is better spoken in code instead of words.


From my original post:


So what about the matter do you feel inclined to discuss?

You are as free to ask questions as anyone else is free to ignore you.


From my original post:


Do you have any preconceived notions about what you suspect is going on?


This is a topic for META. Not Apps. This whole discussion is about this forum, and not about anything else. That’s why it belongs to META.

I don’t know what your intentions are @maidsaferocks. But you could’ve just opened a topic in META and asked who owns what here. I agree it’s not all that clear when it comes to the URL. No need to spread names around here (seems to me you want to bash around a bit, let me know) . So just ask and you get all the answers.


I disagree with the whole notion of inexplicable change. @dallyshalla raised money to create a decentralized exchange. His investors want him to release a product and he has reputation to lose. Beside that: he didn´t raise a lot of money, allowing him to endlessly delay development. So what is he going to do? Sit and wait? I agree that some of his recent post show frustration over the development process of the network, but on the other hand Daniel never ruled out to release Safex on the SAFE network. As long as there is no real clue how Safecoin will become implemented, I understand there is a problem to stay focussed on the network.

Always wonder how people can pour money into high risk projects and then acting as if it was the most surprising in the world when those projects take different routes. Maidsafe did when switching over to Rust and still you have a growing community of people seeing the potential. Should we see another conspiracy here?

I agree more transparency is always good, but this to me looks like conspiracy theory over transparency…

Anyway, why not having a thread about this. Look at the topics created by Warren and others in Off-topic. There is certainly a adequate category for this issue.


The ~10 posts from mods have been all about this forum, yes. Hopefully we can move past that and get on topic.


So get on topic. What are your specific concerns about the development of this app?


Again, that is in my original post.


Unfortunately, you only state that you would like to get to the bottom of whatever you believe is going on.

What do you believe is going on?

EDIT: it would be best to start out with

I believe that…



You talk about THIS forum, that belongs in META. And if you want to talk SafeX we have a topic for that as well. So in both cases no need to open a new topic.


That topic was closed @polpolrene. I outlined the link between this forum and SafeX to protect this thread from being closed too. I think that’s clear from my original post.


The only link is a URL.

Other talk about Safex belong in this topic if you ask me.